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Nero Industries Increasing the Number of Vehicles Integrated with ARMA Power Systems Each Day

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Nero Industries meets the needs of the end user with many different solutions developed for military land vehicles. ARMA Power Systems stand out as an integrated system solution used on land platforms for electricity production and distribution. The company adds new systems each day to the ARMA product group it has built and completed the on-vehicle integrations of. Increasing its presence in the field with each new project, the company aims to increase the number of ARMA Power Systems products in military vehicles on the field to more than 6.000.

In the product range of Nero Industries, which offers many solutions in the field of land vehicles power support systems, are;

  • Military generators,
  • Auxiliary power units (APU),
  • Battery management systems and
  • Power distribution/switching units
Control Unit and Remote Command Unit of ARMA Systems’ Auxiliary Power Units

The company improves the performance and capabilities of these systems gradually with its R&D studies that it takes a step further each day. The company also offers effective solutions for the energy needs of various payloads added to commercially sourced vehicles with its vehicle integration services.

Military Generators

Military generators, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy with high efficiency and at NATO standards, are produced by Nero Industries to meet the energy requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement units operating in the field. Within the company, special sizes of generators with a power range between 2 kW to 1,000 kW are produced. These generators, which are called super silent, do not exceed 65 decibels of noise heard at a distance of 7 meters while operating.

Nero Industries currently has a wide range of generators and can also develop specific military generators with different output levels, tailored to customer needs. These generators can generate alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) or both AC and DC.

Nero Industries is able to produce its generators in synchronous or dual configuration. Synchronous generators are automatically activated in vehicles that can be supplied with mains voltage, if the mains voltage is disabled. The user does not feel the power outage in such a case. Dual generators, on the other hand, work in equal amounts of time by following each other. Thus, both generators share the workload and none of the generators neither overworks nor idles.

Auxiliary Power Units

In armoured fighting vehicles, APUs provide the energy needed to operate the systems on-board the vehicle while the vehicle engine is turned off. It provides mechanical power for the vehicle’s air conditioning system or provides the hydraulic power required by the hydraulic systems in the vehicle. Unlike generators, these systems, which are integrated in armoured vehicles, do not have their own battery, fuel tank or cabin. Instead, using the battery and the fuel system of the vehicle on which they are integrated, these systems can be embedded in the vehicle or mounted on the outer shell.

The APUs designed by Nero Industries stand out with their compact designs. Alican Ökçün, Chairman of the Board of Nero Industries, says the following about the company’s competence in this field: “APUs are often supplied for vehicles in which the design process has been completed and the body form and frame structure have been established. Placing an APU on a vehicle whose outer shell has already been designed, and utilising the idle spaces in the vehicle requires serious work. However, our engineering know-how enables us to not only to achieve this, but also to respond to the needs of our customers very quickly.”

Nero Industries provides complete system solutions for all electrical needs of military land vehicles with ARMA Power Systems.

Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems ensure that the vehicle battery operates continuously and healthily and ensures that the systems on the vehicle are able to be used even when the engine of the armoured vehicle is turned off. In addition, it converts the 220 volt AC electricity it receives from mains electricity to DC electricity and sends it to the batteries, keeping the vehicle battery always in a healthy condition and full. The system consists of the rectifier cabinet, remote command control box and temperature sensors.

Power Distribution Units

Nero Industries’ Power Distribution Units (PDUs), each being a smart system, can distribute electrical energy from different sources to the components that need it in military vehicles having multiple systems and hardware. Thanks to the power switching panel, which is a portable component of PDU, all systems can be operated with a single command. PDU can automatically distribute AC and DC power from up to 10 different sources to 50 different units.

PDU also monitors all electrical systems in the vehicle and, for example, automatically operates the generators if the vehicle needs electricity or activates the rectifier if the batteries are discharged. These systems can also be connected to the vehicle’s mission computer. In this case, PDU, which turns into a smart device, can automatically supply energy to payloads and related subsystems in line with commands from the computer. With this capability, the PDU, which significantly reduces the cognitive load on the operator. For example, in a vehicle carrying missile launching system, the PDU provides energy to all components required for launch, such as ramp, radar, electro-optic systems, if the operator initiates a launch mission on the mission computer.

Vehicle Integration Solutions

Nero Industries makes all the necessary preparations within the scope of this service by taking and modifying civilian vehicles so that various payloads can be placed on them. With this service, Nero Industries, which saves the main contractors from many troubles, provides them with turnkey solutions that they can just install their own products in a plug-and-play manner. During this service, various modifications and additions are made on the vehicle to meet the power and cooling requirements of military systems to be integrated into commercial vehicles.

The electrical power required by systems such as scramblers, jammers and intelligence equipment to be integrated into vehicles such as 4×4 pickups, SUVs and minibuses cannot be met by the internal alternators of the vehicles. Additional alternators of 50, 100 and 200 amps are placed to the engine compartment of the vehicles following the engineering works carried out by Nero Industries. When placing these alternators, factors such as the engine volume of the vehicle, the year the vehicle has entered the traffic, make and model are also taken into account. Additional cooling systems can be integrated into vehicles or the existing cooling system of the vehicle can be modified accordingly in order to cool equipment that can reach high temperatures while operating.

You can access detailed information about Nero Industries products in the link below:

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