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New Development in TR MEKATRONİK’s 20 mm Autocannon

by MSI

Under the umbrella of TR MEKATRONİK, which Sarsılmaz established in partnership with Turkish Aerospace, works are carried out for a 20mm autocannon. In parallel with these efforts, a new shooting range is being built right behind Sarsılmaz’s factory in Düzce, where firing tests of this weapon will be carried out. In an interview published in the new July issue of MSI TDR; remarks of Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz were also included.

During the interview, Aliş said the following about the recent activities of TR MEKATRONİK: “Targeting the production of the largest calibre gun system by the private sector in Turkey, and opening new export doors for Turkey, TR MEKATRONİK will be a very significant gain for Turkey. We are in the submission phase of the design documents for the 20 mm autocannon, which is the first project of the company, to the SSB. We are also continuing to make machinery investments into the production facility of TR MEKATRONİK, and to produce the components, the design of which we have already completed, both at our own facilities and through subsidiary industries.”

Aliş gave the following information about the newly established test site: “We are setting up a new, 200 metre long firing and testing range on an area of 20,000 square meters, immediately behind our existing factory in Düzce. Here, we will conduct the firing tests of many guns, ranging from our machine guns to the 20 mm calibre autocannon we are developing.”

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