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New Exports from SYS in South Africa and Philippines

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), which has participated in several fairs abroad recently, lastly showed up at the HuntEX fair in South Africa on April 22-24, and right after, in the ADAS fair held in the Philippines on April 27-29. Taking important steps towards export in both events, the company exhibited CANiK brand firearms, MECANIK brand outdoor products and firearm accessories at these fairs. In addition, the company’s ADAS stand has featured the BOMBUS weapon pod of its subsidiary, Unidef.

The company’s MECANIK brand outdoor products and optical sights drew great interest at the HuntEX fair. SYS also reached a preliminary agreement before final agreements with chain stores where hunting, shooting and outdoor products are sold. The company aims to increase its activities further in South Africa in the upcoming period.

SYS hosted 12 different delegations at its stand in the ADAS fair. SYS made important negotiations with the Philippine Air and Naval Forces and signed preliminary agreements. In the press release issued by the company on the subject, it was underlined that SYS, with its CANiK brand, is the first company in the history of the Republic of Turkey to export defence products to the Philippines. In addition, it was emphasized that the majority of the pistols in the inventory of the Philippines Police Service are of CANiK brand.

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