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New Product Surprise from ROKETSAN: SUNGUR

by MSI

Prof. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries announced that ROKETSAN’s newly developed portable air defence system SUNGUR has successfully passed its firing tests. Developed in conjunction with local companies, SUNGUR became the newest member of the Turkish family of layered air defence systems. On top of that, Prof. Demir announced that SUNGUR is ready to enter the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory.

SUNGUR is said to be a system ahead of its class with its effectiveness against airborne elements, high manoeuvrability, high accuracy, countermeasure features, titanium warhead and a sighting system that allows the target to be observed from a long range. SUNGUR can be integrated into land, air and naval platforms with its portability. It can be fired on the move and has day and night target detection, recognition, identification and tracking capabilities along with a 360-degree field of firing arc.

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