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NOVA Power Solutions Demonstrates Importance of Power Quality at WEST 2020 Defense Show

by MSI

Süleyman BAYRAMOĞLU / Suleyman.Bayramoglu@novapower.com

NOVA Power Solutions Business Development Manager for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Region

NOVA Power Solutions, a U.S.-based company with a history of partnership with local Turkish firms on defence projects, recently showcased their power quality technology at WEST, the premier naval conference and exposition on the west coast of the United States.

NOVA Power Solutions Application Engineer Walt MaGill discussing power quality at the NOVA Power Solutions booth during WEST.

NOVA Power Solutions has been providing naval applications for more than 30 years. The company designs and manufactures power protection, conditioning, and conversion products optimized to perform in harsh physical or electrical environments, such as aboard naval vessels, among deployed ground units, and in remote facilities.

Organized jointly by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, WEST brings together military commanders, officers of all ranks and positions, engineers, users, and industrial representatives from the U.S. and allied countries. It is the only event that allows platform builders and technology designers to network and share their solutions in a single venue.

NOVA’s live power quality demonstrations at WEST are characteristic of the company’s mission to educate industry leaders about the importance of power quality to mission-critical systems. NOVA’s custom-tailored products ensure a steady supply of clean power to system electronics, meaning power that is free from anomalies like power surges or sags, brownouts, harmonic distortion, line noise, or even power failure. Without an appropriately designed power solution, such power anomalies or outages can cause mission-critical systems to fail, a scenario that is always costly but which can be especially dangerous in a defence setting. In the longer-term, power anomalies can also damage sensitive and often expensive electronic equipment, shortening their life spans.

At WEST, NOVA Power Solutions gave live demonstrations of their technology using a sample NOVA unit, with observers able to see first-hand that input power with distortions and irregularities entered the NOVA unit and became a clean, conditioned sine wave as it exited, indicating an output with constant voltage, consistent frequency, and no interruptions.

Collaborating with Turkish Defence Industry since 2012

Frequency Shift Test Current: While the input voltage to both a NOVA system and a competitor system is lost (flat red line), the NOVA Power Solutions system continues to provide a conditioned, filtered sine wave output (yellow). Competitor system output (blue) is an unfiltered square wave or stepped approximation of a sine wave.

NOVA Power Solutions has been collaborating with Turkish systems integrators and defence equipment manufacturers since 2012, a partnership that has been mutually beneficial and has helped grow the Turkish defence industry. According to Süleyman Bayramoğlu, NOVA Power Solutions Business Development Manager for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Region, “NOVA Power seeks to contribute to Turkey’s goal of developing indigenous defence systems that embody high technology and reliability, and to export them to the countries in the region and around the world, offering customisable power supply solutions and establishing collaborations with leading companies.”

NOVA’s reliable power products are incorporated into indigenous systems designed and developed by Turkish defence companies, with such systems ultimately employed on platforms ranging from subsurface to surface to land applications.

With references that include ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, and Vestel Defence, NOVA Power Solutions has an impressive work history in the region, partnering at the design stage with major Turkish defence and aerospace companies whose finished products are used both at home and abroad. NOVA’s custom-designed power solutions have been integral to the growth of the Turkish defence industry and the country’s capacity for producing and exporting systems that are high quality, high technology, and reliable.

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