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NOVA Power Solutions Explained the Key to Efficiency for Power Consumption

by Aybars Meric

NOVA Power Solutions, a company participated in IDEF with a booth since 2013, attended the show as a visitor this year, due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. The company offers custom tailored rugged power systems, power quality and power protection solutions and  has been collaborating with Turkish defence and aerospace industry, especially in locally developed indigenous defence projects since 2012.

Süleyman Bayramoğlu, Regional Director, EMEA of NOVA Power Solutions had a series talks and meetings during the trade show, not only with companies like ASELSAN, HAVELSAN and STM the company is partnered with in various projects, but also with Leonardo, Meteksan Defence, YALTES and TRtest as well. He also contacted various system and equipment developers that may lead to potential collaboration opportunities. Mr. Bayramoğlu informed the other parties about the increased capabilities of NOVA Power Solutions as it was recently acquired by its 33-year business partner, CLARY Corporation. He also mentioned that , in 2020 they  established a new technical support entity in Turkey to provide local and on-site technical support and repair services to the customers in a wide area, ranging from Europe to Pakistan.

The Adaptive Power Factor Correction (APFC™) feature, the company recently introduced to its SRNT and SRHF product families was one of the key points in the talks. Mr. Bayramoğlu commented on how this new feature was received in the sector as follows:

“APFC™ technology enhances the power systems with a capability that was not fully possible up to this point, bringing power efficiency to new heights. APFC™ adjusts the power factor correction circuitry to compensate for changes in equipment electrical loading. This means much higher efficiency in provisioning of electrical power throughout a system, which is a critical consideration in tactical environment. Especially in shipboard, mobile systems and generator-powered small energy grids, this technology both reduces fuel consumption and increases the reliability of the system powered. In short, APFC™ equipped power supply systems allow the mission critical tactical systems to run for even longer periods and reduce maintenance cycle times and cost, while also increasing mission readiness. This new technology we introduced to some of our product families as of 2021, was also mentioned in the talks, and we have received very great feedback.”

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