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Mortar Vehicle Added to EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Vehicle Family

by MSI

Nurol Makina announced on 9 February that its EJDER YALÇIN Mortar Vehicle, having successfully completing qualification tests, had now joined the EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Vehicle Family. The vehicle features ASELSAN’s ALKAR 120 mm mortar system. Many vehicles of the EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Vehicle Family have been delivered to both domestic and foreign users in different configurations, including Air Defence Missile Vehicles, Command-Control Vehicles, Armoured Combat Vehicles, Personnel Carriers, Mine/IED Detection-Clearance Vehicles, Armoured Ambulances, Radar Vehicles, Jammer (Signal Breaker) Vehicles, CBRN Vehicles, Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicles, Surveillance Reconnaissance Vehicles, Border Surveillance and Security Vehicles.

The EJDER YALÇIN Mortar Vehicle, developed to provide in defilade fire support to commando, infantry, motorised infantry and mechanised infantry units. Aside from mortar it is incorporated also with a semi-automatic ammunition loading system, an ammunition storage system and a fire control system.

A press release published by Nurol Makina on the subject stated that mortars can be fired with high precision thanks to the high stability of the vehicle, and emphasised that the high mobility of the vehicle over all terrains ensures its quick and safe relocation after firing. It is also stated that the company was continuing in its efforts to devise new configurations for the vehicle, involving the integration of various payloads, based on the feedback from international users, incorporating technological developments and answering developing operational concepts.

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