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Nurol Makina Hungary Participates in IDEB 2022 Exhibition

by MSI

Nurol Makina Hungary, established in Budapest by Nurol Makina, is attending the IDEB 2022 held between 10-12 May in Bratislava Slovakia. In this inaugural sectoral exhibition for the company, Nurol Makina Hungary exhibits the Mortar Vehicle of EJDER YALÇIN family. This configuration features the 120 mm Ragnarök mortar system of Rheinmetall. The weapon system was integrated onto the vehicle in Hungary and the vehicle passed the qualification tests with flying colours.

Nurol Makina Hungary was officially established by Nurol Makina in Budapest in December 2021 and signed an MOU with Hungarian authorities in April 2022 for the local production of 4×4 armoured vehicles. The aim is to supply 4×4 armoured vehicles for Hungarian Defence Forces.

IDEB is an exhibition Nurol Makina has participated before and vehicles of the company have been tested by Slovak Ministry of Defence several times in the past.

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