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Nurol Makina Focused on Exports, Presented NMS 4×4 Pick-Up and EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Ambulance for the First Time

by MSI

Securing various export contracts all over the world, Nurol Makina put the emphasis on the export during IDEF’21 as well. The company met with plenty of foreign delegations during the fair.

In the company’s booth, newly developed vehicles were unveiled for the first time. One of them being the latest version of NMS 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle and the other, the pick-up version of same vehicle. In addition, EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Ambulance was presented in Turkey for the first time, although the vehicle had already been presented in defence fairs abroad. The other EJDER YALÇIN in the fair drew attention with its black camouflage and FNSS-designed SANCAK Remote-Controlled Weapon System (RCWS).

Dr. Anıl Karel, Deputy Manager of Nurol Makina and Pick-Up version of NMS 4×4.

Dr. Anıl Karel, Deputy Manager of Nurol Makina, summarised the company’s activities in the fair as follows: “As Nurol Makina, we always emphasised the importance of exports. We reached such a level with our products; our current clients advertise them far better than we do. Every single one of our vehicles has become its own brand and they market themselves. It is for this reason we focused on meeting with foreign delegations in this fair. Plenty of delegations expressed their wish to meet with us even before the fair and we met with all of them. In addition, we revealed our newest vehicles to the public here in IDEF as it became a tradition.”

Nurol Makina developed NMS’s pick-up version to deliver equipment and ammunition quickly and reliably in conditions with a high risk of contact and asymmetric threats without compromising the crew survivability. The vehicle is also designed to carry heavy weapons like missile launchers, if required. The company presented the double cab version of the pick-up in the fair, although a single cab version is also available. Mounted on the vehicle was ASELSAN’s SARP-L RCWS. The double cab version can carry 4 personnel in addition to the driver, and it already found buyers, 2 more countries in addition to Hungary and Qatar.

EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Ambulance

The company designed EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Ambulance to deliver a platform that can meet both military and medical standards. The vehicle comes equipped with plenty of medical equipment, from oxygen tubes to defibrillators, giving its crew the ability to treat heavily wounded personnel. EJDER YALÇIN Armoured Ambulance also doesn’t compromise in its crew protection the base model has, and the vehicle is fit for extracting wounded personnel under fire. The vehicle has a crew of four: driver, commander, doctor, and nurse; and has two different configurations: one with a capacity of two stretchers and the other with one stretcher and two seated patients. The company started delivery of these vehicles according to the contracts it signed.

NMS 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, named NMS 4×4 for foreign markets.

The other version of NMS 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle present in the company’s booth is prominent for its NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture technology. This allows the integration of various payloads to the vehicle very quickly and easily.

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