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Nurol Makina UK Joined Make UK Defence

by Can Kılınç

Nurol Makina UK has become a member of the Make UK Defence ecosystem in the United Kingdom. Make UK Defence is a national non-profit defence trade association that focuses on various objectives, such as promoting the growth of manufacturers in the defence and aerospace industry, fostering innovation, and enhancing competitiveness in the country. The association has accepted Nurol Makina UK, a new subsidiary established by Nurol Makina in the West Midlands, into their membership.

Nurol Makina was founded in 1976 and has been producing 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles for the defence and aerospace sector since 1992. The company has recently expanded to the UK by establishing Nurol Makina UK. David Zevulun, the Country Director of Nurol Makina UK, expressed his eagerness to work with the Make UK Defence team in a social media post. Zevulun also stated that Nurol Makina UK aims to produce DRAGON 4×4, NMS 4×4, and NMS-L 4×4 vehicles primarily for foreign organisations, especially for NATO and other allied countries.

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