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Nurol Makina’s NMS 4 × 4 Vehicles to Serve in Estonia

by Can Kılınç

Nurol Makina and the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) have signed a contract for the procurement of 100 NMS 4 × 4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles. The signing ceremony was held on 18 October in Tallinn, in which Magnus Valdemar Saar, Director General of ECDI signed the contract on behalf of Estonia and Engin Aykol, General Manager of Nurol Makina on behalf of his company. Yaşar Güler, Minister of National Defence and Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, President of Defence Industry Agency, also graced the ceremony. Engin Aykol made a speech at the ceremony, stating that Nurol Makina was one of the most competitive actors in its speciality in the international arena.

NMS 4 × 4 Was Chosen Among 8 More Competitors

Aykol pointed out that ECDI managed the tender process with as much transparency as possible with the most professional management to procure the best 4 × 4 vehicle in its class and added: “We are proud that the NMS 4 × 4 emerged from this comprehensive tender process as the best vehicle in its segment.” The first batch of the vehicles will be delivered to the Estonian Defence Forces’ 2nd Infantry Brigade in 2024 according to the contract, and deliveries are expected to be completed in two years. Nurol Makina made a statement about the development, sharing that nine companies from six different countries participated in the approximately two-year tender process, and the NMS 4 × 4 was the highest-scoring vehicle based on price, performance, and schedule evaluations. Estonia became the second NATO and EU member user of Nurol Makina, following Hungary.

The Newest Offering from Nurol Makina

The NMS 4 × 4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle is designed for the use of security forces and military forces, with its V-shaped monocoque body, and it is the latest design made a reality by Nurol Makina. The modular design of the NMS 4 × 4 offers its users a wide range of manoeuvrability in high-intensity combat environments for various missions, including personnel transport, air defence, and reconnaissance, along with being a reliable combatant. The vehicle also provides customisable high-level ballistic and mine/IED protection according to user requirements.

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