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Opportunities for Cooperation with Japan in the Field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

by MSI

The photo: His Excellency Akio Miyajima, Ambassador of Japan to Turkey; Navy Captain Hiroyoshi Nakatsu, the previous Defence Attaché of Japan and Navy Captain Ryo Kumai, the current Defence Attaché accompanied by his spouse, poses at Japan Self-Defence Forces Day, which was celebrated with a reception at the Embassy of Japan in Ankara on July 5, 2019.

Navy Captain Ryo Kumai, Defence Attaché of Japan to Turkey, commented on the potential for cooperation between Turkey and Japan, drawing attention to the Annual White Papers published by Japan. Captain Kumai stated that there was potential for cooperation between the two countries especially in unmanned aerial vehicle projects, as shown in the Defense of Japan 2019 white paper under programs related to the “Priorities in Strengthening Defense Capability”.

There is currently no bilateral agreement or project in effect between Turkey and Japan in the field of defence, although the requirements of the two countries in defence certainly present opportunities. These opportunities were underlined by Navy Captain Ryo Kumai while answering questions posed by MSI TDR on the relationship between the two countries in the field of defence. In the white paper entitled “Defense of Japan 2019”, the platforms and systems Japan is currently preparing to procure in the upcoming period are listed. Navy Captain Kumai, drawing attention to the table entitled “Priorities in Strengthening Defense Capability, said: “When we look at the development of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish defence sector, we can see that cooperation in unmanned aerial vehicles could contribute greatly to Japan’s needs. The projects [listed in the table] that I have mentioned before have officially started. Of course, there would need to be a legal framework for defence trade with Japan, and within the limitations of such a framework, we can arrange cooperation opportunities.”

Navy Captain Kumai also emphasized the special relationship between the naval forces of the two countries: “Turkey and Japan have a mature relationship, and especially between their naval forces. I can say that both parties are on the same page. Currently, there is no special agenda, although I believe that the relationship between our countries will only get closer and deeper in the future.”

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