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Otokar Has Been Granted “Best Employer Award” Once Again

by Buse Köse

Otokar has its name written in gold letters on the list of Turkey’s Best Employers this year again. It has been granted “Turkey’s Best Employer Award” in the “Kincentric Best Employers 2020” survey held by Kincentric, providing HR and management advisory services. Otokar was previously granted with the same award under the same survey conducted globally for 20 years and in Turkey since 2006.

Within the scope of 2020 Best Employers Program, 200 companies from Kincentric Turkey’s database, operating in approximately 40 various sectors were assessed. They have been evaluated in four categories: Employee engagement, agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. Out of these participants, 24 companies providing the best workplace experience and environment according to their employees’ opinions have been granted Turkey’s Best Employer Award.

Regarding the award, Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar, has said, “Since our foundation, with the strength from our co-workers, we have been taking important steps towards our ideal company where mutual trust and respect prevail, and where participation and diversity are valued. We create all kinds of opportunities for the development of our employees by creating a proud working environment, and we support them under all circumstances to reveal their potential. As the Otokar family, we are proud of being entitled to be among the best employers as a result of our efforts in the field of human resources.”

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