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Otokar Exhibits ARMA 8×8 and MIZRAK-30 in Bulgaria

by MSI

Otokar is exhibiting the ARMA 8×8 armoured combat vehicle integrated with the MIZRAK-30 turret system, at the Defence, Anti-Terrorism and Security Fair HEMUS 2020 held between 30 September and 3 October in Plovdiv, Bulgaria,

Modular Armoured Combat Vehicle: ARMA 8×8

ARMA 8×8 with its superior mobility, high mine protection and ballistic protection as well as medium and high caliber weapon system integration options, is designed to serve in peacekeeping and humanitarian aid operations in difficult terrain and climate conditions. The vehicle, which is also available with an amphibious option, stands out with its high combat weight and large internal volume. ARMA 8×8, which can perform in different roles such as Armoured Personnel Carrier, Armoured Combat Vehicle, Mortar Vehicle, Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence Vehicle, Engineering Vehicle, Armoured Rescue Vehicle, Command & Control vehicle; can also equip different weapon systems ranging from 7.62mm to 105mm. Different weapon and turret systems can be integrated into the vehicle according to the needs.

Emphasizing Otokar’s outstanding success in international markets, General Manager Serdar Görgüç said “Our strength in the defense industry is driven by our experience, engineering and R&D capabilities, and successful use of technology. Today over 32,000 Otokar military vehicles are in service in many different parts of the world. The success of our vehicles has always been a reference for new orders. Otokar has a broad land systems product range from 4×4 to 8×8, and from tracked armored vehicles to turret systems. While developing our land systems products, our first priority is to meet the needs and expectations of our users considering present and future threats.  As Otokar, we want to meet the needs of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and to take advantage of the cooperation opportunities that may arise in line with the needs of the region.”

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