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Outstanding Members of the ALTINAY UAV Family: DOĞAN and ALBATROS

by MSI

Altınay Aerospace and Advanced Technologies, one of Turkey’s leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturers, keeps continuing to expand and strengthen its existing UAV family. The company’s Armed Drone DOĞAN, which has been under development for the last year and which has been unveiled at TEKNOFEST İstanbul’19, completed its first firing test during flight, while the Modular Tactical Cargo Drone ALBATROS concluded its first test flight. Having proven its capabilities in drone technologies with its DOĞAN and ALBATROS UAVs, in addition to other platforms such as the KARTAL Anti-Drone UAV, EBABİL Bomber Drone and SUMRU Vertical Take-off and Landing Mini UAV, the company is serving as a leading representative of Turkey’s competence in this field.

ALTINAY’s UAV development journey dates back to 2016 when it developed the SERÇE platform jointly with ASELSAN. Currently, more than 1,800 SERÇE platforms are in active use in the field, and have performed more than 10,000 flight hours to date. With a view to continuing the success it achieved with ASELSAN, and to creating a similar source of pride with other members of its UAV family, ALTINAY recently established a company called DASAL Havacılık Teknolojileri A.Ş. (DASAL). On 2 April, following the establishment of DASAL, ASELSAN acquired part of the company, and stated its intention to continue its journey with ALTINAY by taking their jointly defined goals even further.

DOĞAN Hits the Bullseye

The Armed Drone DOĞAN, as one of the highlights of ALTINAY’s UAV family, was unveiled at TEKNOFEST İstanbul in September 2019, and has been equipped with the KCR 556 fully automatic assault rifle developed by Kale Group, and is now ready to contribute to the homeland defence of friend and allied nations. With its strong fuselage, its ability to operate in challenging conditions and its fully indigenous autopilot, DOĞAN strikes fear into the enemy while building trust in friends, bringing a high-precision firing capability to the battlefield.

In the air and ground tests conducted under the supervision of the SSB, DOĞAN hit all targets successfully.

The fully indigenous recoil absorption system developed by ALTINAY enables DOĞAN to fire without hesitation. The drone hit all targets successfully in both semi-automatic and full-automatic firing trials, further contributing to company pride. The platform has proven itself in air and ground tests conducted under the supervision of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), and distinguishes itself among its peers with its two-axis stabilised gimbal. Regardless of DOĞAN’s direction of flight, or whether it is hovering or not, the gimbal allows the weapon to move on both axes in a stabilised manner, allowing the drone to hit its target with high precision, minimising the possibility of missing the target.

Following the tests conducted successfully under the supervision of the SSB, the DOĞAN platform is going through the final touches and will be ready to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces very soon. Having been working ceaselessly in support of the security of friend and allied nations, ALTINAY is looking forward to adding another product in this field.


ALBATROS is the Favourite!

The Modular Tactical Cargo Drone ALBATROS, which was showcased at TEKNOFEST İstanbul alongside DOĞAN, stands out as the favourite platform in ALTINAY’s UAV family. ALBATROS can be supplied in different models, with a carrying capacity of either 75 or 150 kilograms, and is technically one of the most advanced products in the world with its one-hour endurance. The platform’s modular structure allows the integration of various different payloads, in addition those it carries as part of its cargo transport role. This feature allows ALBATROS to be used in both military and civilian roles.

In military missions, in addition to carrying ammunition and supplies to the field of operation safely, the 150kg model can also transport injured troops. The drone’s modular structure allows its cargo compartments to be reconfigured for attack purposes. Reconfigured versions of ALBATROS include bomber drones, armed drones and armed bomber drones. Aside from these, the platform can also transport other unmanned systems to the field of operation, and is being developed to provide versatility in the protection of soldiers and minimising loss of life in the battlefield.

In the civil field, ALBATROS is ready to serve the users in many roles, ranging from private cargo transportation to emergency shipments. In the aftermath of natural disasters, the platform can successfully transport emergency supplies and injured people, just as it does in its military applications. On the other hand, ALBATROS will be an effective solution also in peacetime, for example, for the transportation of medical equipment or transplant organs.

The capabilities of the Modular Tactical Cargo Drone ALBATROS will enable it to operate in both military and civil fields. The drone’s 150-kilogram model can also serve as an ambulance drone, capable of carrying the injured in emergency situations.

Having made its first test flight in recent months, ALBATROS has attracted wide media and social media coverage through videos of the test. The Modular Tactical Cargo Drone, which has been developed not only for military purposes, but also to add value to civil life, will on one hand serve the defence forces, and on the other, support nations in difficult times, such as in the fight against COVID-19.

Commenting on the issue, Burak Mercan, Deputy General Manager of ALTINAY, said: “ALBATROS is an outcome of ALTINAY’s efforts to develop products also for the civilian field, indicating the company’s ability to improve Turkey’s unmanned systems technologies in every aspect. We hope that these studies will continue successfully and that the results will bring benefit both to ALTINAY family and to our country.”

ALBATROS made its first test flight a few months ago, with a load of 75 kilograms.

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