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Pakistan’s First Ada-Class Corvette Launched

by MSI

Babur (F-280), the first of the Ada-class corvettes built for Pakistan by the Istanbul Shipyard Command, was launched with a ceremony held on 15 August with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Pakistani President Arif Alvi. The steel cutting of the first of the ship to be built for the Turkish Naval Forces Command within the scope of the Offshore Patrol Vehicle Project was also performed in the same ceremony.

Many guests attended the ceremony, especially Vice President Fuat Oktay, Mustafa Şentop, President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, General Yaşar Güler, Commander of Turkish Armed Forces, Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, and Muhsin Dere, Deputy Minister of National Defence in addition to the presidents of the two countries.

President Erdoğan said the following about the Offshore Patrol Vehicles after giving information about the 4 Ada-class corvettes being built for Pakistan: “We are also performing the first steel cutting of the first of the 10 Offshore Patrol Vehicles planned to be produced for the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command today. These ships will be a carrying a helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle, and will be able to work uninterruptedly at sea for 21 days. We will deliver the first of our patrol vehicles to our Navy in May 2023.”

Pakistani President Alvi stated in his speech that Pakistan was one of the largest markets for Turkish defence products and that there were great opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. President Alvi added the following in his speech: “Our generations should be reminded of this old friendship. We were communicating in a humane way long before Pakistan was formed. We have communicated with the people who show solidarity with Pakistan and our brothers in Turkey. We collaborated to help each other in all our happiness and adversity.”

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