ISSUE: JUNE 2020 / 084

by MSI


Remarks of Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, Ease Concerns of the Sector for the Future


Answers from the Highest Authority

What Kind of a Path will the Sector Follow in the Post-COVID-19 Period?

14          INTERVIEW

Alican ÖKÇÜN, Chairman of the Board of Nero Industries:

“With our investment in semiconductor sensors, we will not only meet the needs of Turkey in this field, but will also become a global player based on our new business model.”

20          ADVERTORIAL

Meet all the Right People in Just 3 Days at ICDDA

22          COVER FILE

The United States’ FVL Programmes Preparing to Close the Era of Conventional Helicopters / PART 1

New Armed Reconnaissance Platforms to be Faster


The Sector Reveals its Positive Future Expectations at the First Event of SEDEC Talks

36          ANALYSIS

Last Year of Global Warship Procurement (2019-2020) / PART 1

Mutual Moves by the United States, China and Russia

42          HIGHLIGHTS

  • MKEK’s New Production Line Opens, Ending a Foreign Dependency
  • BAE Systems’ Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Programme Continues at Full Pace
  • Future of the Sector in the Post COVID-19 Period Discussed at STM Thinktech Panel
  • Indigenous 4×4 Armoured Pickup TULGA Renewed
  • ASPİLSAN Energy Achieves New Successes in the Field of Batteries
  • M-345 Ready to Raise Fighter Pilots
  • A400M Opens the Door to Special Operations with its Low Level Flight Capability
  • Oman’s ARES 85 HERCULES Launched in Antalya
  • New Appointments at MKEK and the Directorate General of Shipyards
  • HAVELSAN’s Thermal Cameras to Detect COVID-19 in the Normalisation Process
  • US Continues Critical Investments into its Communication Infrastructure
  • Record Number of Applications to Türksat Model Satellite Competition
  • Second Prototype of AKINCI Ready
  • SEMPRO Continues Operations at Full Speed, Despite COVID-19
  • Crisis in Aviation Affects Manufacturers in Eskişehir
  • SELMAN REİS’ Submarine Information Distribution System in Test Phase
  • DİGİTEST’s Factory Receives National Secret Certificate
  • DSA, One of Southeast Asia’s Largest Sectoral Gatherings, Cancelled for 2020
  • Fotoniks Continues to Deliver Holographic Sight Devices and TAG 3D 3x Zoom Optics
  • ARES Shipyard Shows its Support to Education by Donating a Ship
  • Satisfactory Results of Indigenous Fingerprint Recognition System
  • Approximately 10,000 New Orders for GES Engineering’s PCB Retainers
  • IFF Systems of German Fighter Aircraft being Upgraded to Mode-5
  • Gendarmerie Tactical UAV Unit Command in Cizre Opens with BAYRAKTAR TB2s
  • First Foreign User of BMC 8×8 Tank Carrier Vehicle to Become a NATO Member European Country
  • Having Closed 2019 with Satisfactory Results, Leonardo Enters Post COVID-19 Period with a New Board of Directors
  • HAVELSAN Gets Involved in the National Combat Aircraft Project
  • Nero Industries Grants Over 100 VIRUSSAFE Products to Critical Institutions
  • HENSOLDT Xpeller Provided Defence against Drones on Remembrance Day in the Netherlands
  • DEICO’s New Robot Eases the Tasks of Vehicle Manufacturers
  • New Missile Capability for UK’s AW159 Wildcats
  • Strategic Acquisition in Brazil by thyssenkrupp
  • Young Entrepreneurs Invited to Teknopark İstanbul to Fulfil Their Dreams
  • TRTEST Certificated Cyber Security Products
  • HAVELSAN’s Subsidiary Quantum3D to Supply New Generation Fighter Jet Training Simulator to Republic of Korea
  • New Product by TUALCOM and TÜBİTAK SAGE: “The World’s Smallest Anti-Jam GPS/GNSS System”
  • MAY 2020 IN BRIEF…

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