ISSUE: MAY 2021 / 095

by MSI


Embargoes Uncovered

06          COVER FILE

Gökhan KOYUNCU, General Manager of ANDAR

“ANDAR is getting ready to take part in innovative space projects with its experience in civil aviation, urban air transport, and military applications.”

14          FEATURE

Close and Mid Range Weapons Complementing Each Other from Sarsılmaz: SAR 109T and SAR 56

20          INTERVIEW

Colonel Piers STRUDWICK, Defence & Military Attaché of United Kingdom to Turkey:

“The UK will continue to act as a force for good in the world and will be open to close cooperation to tackling the global challenges impact all of us such as climate change, Covid-19, organised crime and terrorism.”


CANiK SFx RIVAL: A Special Pistol for Competition Shooters from SYS

32          HIGHLIGHTS

  • MKEK’s New Facility Has Opened its Doors with the Attendance of President Erdogan
  • Bayraktar AKINCI Armed with Weapons, MAM-T Was Fired for the First Time
  • Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries has Been Selected as “Bureaucrat of the Year” for the 2nd Consecutive Year
  • ARES Shipyard Has Launched the First Boat of Turkish Coast Guard Command of the Project for 122 Boats
  • FNSS Does Not Slow Down its Deliveries of KAPLAN ATV to the Turkish Land Forces
  • Leonardo and CAE Team up for International Flight School
  • Özdemir, Haluk and Selçuk Bayraktar Were Awarded with Karabakh Order by Azerbaijan
  • DT Defence’s Solution Portfolio Expands with AMETEK’s TMS Group
  • Dr. İsmail Demir, Visits Companies in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone (OSB)
  • The 2020 Annual Report of the EDA Has Been Announced; Research and Technology Projects Did Not Slow Down During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • SAHA Istanbul Celebrates its 6th Anniversary with the Pride of Reaching 620 Members
  • SSB Has Decided to Initiate New Projects in 7th R&D Panel
  • 91 Percent Turnover Increase from Otokar in the First Quarter
  • Meteksan Defence Celebrates its 15th Anniversary
  • Share Acquisition Push from Leonardo: 25.1% of HENSOLDT and 30% of GEM elettronica
  • MAM-T, The New Member of Roketsan’s MAM Family
  • Otokar Has Been Granted “Best Employer Award” Once Again
  • National Rocket Motor with Mission to Moon is Fired for the First Time
  • With BALA KTS-14, Turkish Gendarmerie will Use Ballistic Shields More Comfortably
  • CANiK TP9 Elite SC of SYS Has Won the Readers’ Choice Award in the US
  • SSI Leaves Ordinary General Assembly Behind
  • STM ThinkTech Takes on Cyber Threats and Robots of the Future
  • ULAQ Product Family is Rapidly Maturing: Works on Mobile Coastal Control Station Completed; Anti-Submarine Warfare Version Unveiled
  • National Attendance of Six Countries Has Been Confirmed for DIMDEX 2022
  • Unidef Has Successfully Completed the First Firing Test of its Innovative RCWS Solution
  • Bozdoğan Hits Bull’s Eye at its First Airborne Firing Test
  • Modernization of TAF’s Air Defence Artillery Systems Proceeds with New Deliveries
  • HENSOLDT, Rheinmetall and Diehl are Lining up Together for Germany’s Air Defence System

 50          AMAC EVENTS

  • Navy Captain Marcio Martins VILARA, Defence Attaché of Brazil Passed the Baton to Colonel Julio de Oliveira Soares

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