ISSUE: MAY 2022 / 108

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş


   •     ARMELSAN Works for Solutions that are Best Fits for Users

   •     BİTES Advances Steadily to Its Global Goals with ASELSAN Support

   •     Gürbağ Defence and Technology Grows with the Products Türkiye Needs

   •     Last Sprint for SEDEC


06           ADVERTORIAL

SAR 127 MT AIR:  Sarsılmaz’s Latest  Offering for Air Platforms



DSA and NATSEC ASIA 2022 Fairs Presented How Active Malaysian and Regional Markets Are

   •     FNSS Offers Its PARS Vehicles for the Future Needs of Malaysian Land Forces

   •     KoçSavunma Took the First Steps Towards Its Export Goals at DSA

   •     HAVELSAN Signed the Contract for the First Export of Hezarfen Parachute Simulator

   •     Nurol Teknoloji Attended an Overseas  Fair with Its Own Booth for the First Time

   •     Malaysia Picks CANiK M2 QCB from SYS for Its Heavy Machine Gun Needs


22           INTERVIEW

Charles BEAUDOUIN, CEO of COGES Events:

“Turkish industry is one of those that matter in the world and that must be represented in every defence and security exhibition.”


26           HIGHLIGHTS


   •     SYS Signed a Torrent of New Contracts in Latin America

   •     HENSOLDT and Thales Join Forces to Equip F126 Frigates

   •     Berkin Defence Engineering Expands Its Collaborations with IVEO Electronics

   •     Export Spurt from SYS in South Africa and Philippines

   •     SSB Commences 9 New R&D Projects

   •     Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association Moves Ahead with New Executive Board

   •     SSB Launches Projects in April

   •     STM’s Cyber Threat Status Report Gave Insight to Cyber Frontlines of Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022

   •     Important Step from Unidef for the Sale of BOMBUS Gun Pod to Philippine Air Force

   •     Serban to Construct the New Student Dormitories of TAF Education Foundation in Maslak

   •     Applications Commence for the “Generate Your Own Energy” Competition, with ASPİLSAN Enerji as Partner

   •     HAVELSAN Participated in NATO’s Cyber Security Exercise

   •     Synthetic Aperture Radars Turn ANKA to a Mine Hunter

   •     Education Services Export to Singapore from SYS with the CANiK ACADEMY Brand

   •     More Details Arrive on Countries and Officials Attending SEDEC 2022

   •     Qatari Pilots Training at IFTS Reach Final Stage of Phase IV Advanced/Lead-In to Fighter Training

   •     Weapon Carrying Apparatus from Gürbağ Defense and Technology, Si-Ta Molle, Is Ready for Action



42           AMAC EVENTS

   •     Armed Forces Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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