ISSUE: JUNE 2022/ 109

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş


•               Memory of Late Kazım Ünal Will Continue to Live on the Corporate Culture of Menatek

•               PEMT 2022 Presented a Case for the Potential of Energy Sector for Defence and Aerospace

•               YALTES’ Combat Management System Solutions Serve in 29 Countries’ Navies

•               SYS Continues to Exhibit the remade M2 Heavy Machine Gun in its Motherland

06           COVER FILE

ICDDA: Türkiye’s World Class Defence & Aerospace Business Forum


•               SYS Aims for American Defence Projects, Prepares to Attend AUSA Fair

16           FEATURE

YALTES: A Worldwide Centre of Excellence for Combat Management Systems of Surface Vessels

20           ADVERTORIAL

Steel Framed Pistols from Sarsılmaz for Classical Pistol Enthusiasts

28           HIGHLIGHTS

•               KIM Technologies and TenCate Cooperate to Increase Domestic Product Ratio and Export

•               ASPİLSAN Enerji Holds Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

•               HENSOLDT’s Kalaetron Electronic Warfare System Proves It Can Deflect the Latest Threats

•               GÖKDENİZ Close-in Weapon System Successfully Hits High Speed Target

•               Defence and Aerospace Industry Companies Regressed in the Türkiye’s Largest  500 Industrial Enterprises List

•               Nurol Makina Hungary Introduced to  Defence Sector in IDEB 2022 Exhibition

•               Over 10 Billion Dollars of Turnover from Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry in 2021

•               Foreign Sales Revenues of the Defence and Aerospace Sector Increased by 42 percent

•               New Logo  and New English Name for Presidency of Defence Industries

•               Strategic Partnership between SASAD and SEDEC

•               SSB Awaits Suggestions for Anti-UAV Systems in Various Sizes

•               Baykar’s AKINCI UCAV Reached Azerbaijan after Flying Two Thousand Kilometres

•               German Air Force Pilots Were the First Graduates of IFTS

•               Otokar Signs a New Export Contract

•               PNS BADR, Third MİLGEM for Pakistan, Was Launched

•               Türkiye and United Arab Emirates  Strengthen Defence Industry Cooperation

•               State Subsidy Decision for ZSR’s Ammunition Factory Published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Türkiye

•               HIZIR REİS and SELMAN REİS  Submarines One Step Closer to Delivery

•               Airsoft Version of SYS’ CANiK TP9  Elite Combat Starts Sales in Türkiye

•               Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün Re-elected as  Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASELSAN

•               Leonardo to Launch an Electronic Warfare Simulation that Supports Land, Sea, and Air Operations

•               Correction and Apology

•               Nurol Teknoloji Attended DSA For the First Time

•               MAY 2022 DEFENCE IN BRIEF

44           AMAC EVENTS

•               Hungarian Armed Forces Day

•               Republic and Armed Forces Day of Azerbaijan


•               National and Armed Forces Day of Croatia

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