ISSUE: APRIL 2022 / 107

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş


•             Berkin Defence Engineering to Expand into Uncharted Territories

•             HAVELSAN Focuses on Branding and Products

•             AMAC Members Meet MÜSİAD

•             SYS Grows with Exports

06           COVER FILE

Yücel ATALAY, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Berkin Defence Engineering:

“We are working in three new fields; to achieve the undoable, to create the knowledge and to set the rules”


Sarsılmaz Highlighted Its Newest Model, SAR 9 CX, at IWA

14           ADVERTORIAL

Sarsılmaz’ Precision Engineering in Physical Form: SAR 56 Assault Rifle and SAR 9C Pistol

18           INTERVIEW

Hilal ÜNAL, President of SEDEC Organization Committee:

“SEDEC is a need for SMEs that have the capabilities and that wish to present or develop products and to export.”

22           INTERVIEW

Didem ARAL, Foreign Trade Manager at SYS:

“With the quality of our CANiK branded products and our correct marketing strategies, we were

the third company that saw biggest export increases in 2021 in all sectors in Türkiye.”

30           HIGHLIGHTS

   •       ASELSAN’s 2021 Financial Results: ₺20.1 Billion Revenue, ₺7.1 Billion Profit

   •       The Vehicles Sponsored by BİAS Engineering Were Showcased at TOSB BİAS Automotive Test Centre

   •       OSSA Strengthens Its Central Asia Ties

   •       The Philippines Received Its First T129 ATAK Helicopters

   •       Baykar’s AKINCI B Takes Off with Two 750 Horsepower Engines

   •       BeNova Consulting Appointed Tarık Ziya Kaboğlu as Deputy General Manager

   •       Leonardo to Equip German F216 Frigates with Vulcano Gun

   •       Slovenia to Become the Newest User C-27J

   •       Baykar’s Unmanned Fighter Aircraft, Bayraktar KIZILELMA Enters Integration Line

   •       Newest Deputy General Manager at STM: Yakup Arslan

   •       SYS Enjoyed Plenty of Attention, Signed Over 20 Contracts in Recent Exhibitions

   •       Modernised by STM, Pakistani Agosta 90B Class Submarine Hits the Bullseye

   •       STM ThinkTech Met to Discuss the Effects of Global Developments on Turkish Defence Sector

   •       HENSOLDT MILDS Block 2 to Protect New C-130s of the German Air Force

   •       Selçuk Bayraktar, CTO at Baykar, Addressed Businesspeople and Youth in a MÜSİAD Event

   •       Türkiye Received its 10th and Last A400M Aircraft

   •       PNETWORKS Goes Public with New Partner LN

   •       Military Attachés Serving in Ankara Toured Military Factories, ASFAT Coordinated the Tour

   •       Countdown Starts for SAHA EXPO 2022

   •       Gaye Kaplan Became the New General Manager of MILMAST

   •       Wheelmark Certificate for STM’s STMDENGİZ WECDIS Product

   •       Direct Hit from AKYA Torpedo to its First Real Target

   •       KTJ-1750 Turbojet Engine of Kale R&D to Launch Roketsan’s ÇAKIR Missile to the Skies

   •       SSI and SAHA Istanbul to Expedite Exports for Defence and Aerospace

   •       Hellenic Armed Forces and MBDA Shook Hands for 6 Different Missile Systems

   •       FNSS Completed the First Party Production for Indonesia’s KAPLAN MT Medium Weight Tank Project

   •       YALTES’ Consoles Proved Themselves at the Launch of AKYA Torpedo

   •       Roketsan’s Recently Unveiled Cruise Missile ÇAKIR Offers Operational Flexibility

   •       SYS Completed Factory Acceptance Tests of Azerbaijan’s CANiK M2 QCBs

   •       MARCH 2022 DEFENCE IN BRIEF

50           AMAC EVENTS


•             Mexican Armed Forces Day

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