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Pioneers of the Space and Satellite to Meet on 1-2 September

by MSI

The 5th of the Global Satellite and Space Show, which brings together the important players of the space and satellite sectors, will be held on 1-2 September this year as a virtual event. The latest developments regarding the event, of which the countdown is still continuing rapidly, were shared at the online press conference on 25 August. At the meeting; Hakan Kurt, CEO of Capital Exhibition, the company organizing the event, and Cenk Şen, General Manager of Türksat; the official partner of the event, each gave speeches.

Cenk Şen, General Manager of Türksat

The event, which will be organized online due to the COVID-19 pandemic of this year, will be held through a special platform prepared by Capital Exhibition for virtual events. Participants will benefit from many new technologies, especially augmented reality, through this platform.

In addition to the virtual stands, the event will have online video conferences, roundtable meetings and bilateral business meetings. Participating companies will be able to hold bilateral business meetings with other companies and official representatives of different countries in the form of B2B and B2G.

All stakeholders in the satellite ecosystem, from satellite manufacturers to launchers, from space agencies to ground system providers, will participate in the event; which is aimed to be the focal point of the satellite industry in business development. 93% of the participants are foreign players.

Hakan Kurt stated that the fact that there are so many foreigners among the participants is due to the nature of the sector and underlined that space is an area where countries compete but also have to cooperate. Kurt added that 80% of the satellite and space industry is represented in this event.

He added that because the event is online and the participants are in very different parts of the world, everything within the scope of the event is planned on a 24 hour basis.

Hakan Kurt, CEO of Capital Exhibition

Turkey’s Satellite Operator Türksat Will Also be at the Event Register

Cenk Şen, General Manager of Türksat, in his speech at the press conference stated that Türksat has been participating in the Global Satellite and Space Show events since 2015. Underlining that space technologies will gain more importance in the coming years with the increase in communication capabilities provided by space, Şen said about the event: “When we look at the content of the Global Satellite and Space Show, we see that many international players show up here. This shows that the international perception of the Global Satellite and Space Show is very positive. I think it will be a very useful and interesting event. We will discover higher performance and more cost effective ways of doing business.”

Keynote Sessions Will Host Important Names

As part of the 5th Global Satellite and Space Show, 2 separate Keynote Sessions will be publicly held. In the first of these sessions, key figures from the recently established US Space Force will present the force’s vision for science and technology. In the second session, which is closely related to Turkish satellite market, CEOs of Turkey’s satellite operator Türksat and Glavkosmos, Russian space company Roscosmos’ international establishment, will be delivering speeches. Details on these sessions are as follows:

  1. US Space Force’s Science and Technology Vision – 1 September / 22:30
    1. Dr. Joel B. Mozer, US Space Force Chief Scientist
    2. Aaron Celaya, working on the use of artificial intelligence technologies in space technologies in the US Space Force
  2. Russian Space Industry: Priorities, Perspectives and Opportunities for Cooperation – 2 September / 22:30
    1. Cenk Çen, General Manager of Türksat
    2. Dmitry Loskutov, CEO of Glavkosmos

All Sections in the Satellite Sector Will Be Represented

A total of 7 different video conferences will be held during the 5th Global Satellite and Space Show, which will last for 2 days. All the important players in the Turkish satellite and space market from launchers, satellite manufacturers, telecom operators, R&D foundations to service providers will have representatives attend the public video conferences. The topics and dates of these video conferences are as follows:

  1. Turkish Space Agency and Its Strategy – 1 September / 13:00
  2. Satellite and Space Technologies for National Security – 1 September / 14:30
  3. The Historical Opportunities for Satellite Operators – 1 September / 16:00
  4. Revolution in Inflight Mobility – 1 September / 19:30
  5. The Near Future of Teleports and Big Data – 2 September / 11:00
  6. Türksat 5A and Opportunities – 2 September / 18:00
  7. Best Discipline to Manufacture a Satellite – 1 September / 19:30

Sector Leaders to Speak at Roundtable Meetings       

Roundtable meetings at the event will be held with closed sessions. In these meetings, the representatives of the leading organizations of the satellite and space industry will discuss the future of the sector among themselves. Only the participants of the 5th Global Satellite and Space Show will be able to watch these sessions, which will bring together senior executives of space agencies, satellite operators, broadcasters and telecom operators. The names and dates of these sessions are as follows:

  1. The Near Future Launching Plans of Commercial Satellite Operators – 1 September / 12:00
  2. Space Agencies and Their Allies – 1 September / 17:00
  3. New Media Solutions via Satellite Technologies – 2 September / 00:15
  4. Government Solutions via Satellite and Space Technologies – 2 September / 16:00
  5. Acceleration of Defence of the Space – 2 September / 17:00

The third one of these sessions, focusing on space agencies, has been registered to so far by the presidents and vice presidents of 12 space agencies from various countries around the world.

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