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Pressure Hull Test Production Commences for STM500

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

The test production for the pressure hull of the STM500 submarine is commencing. The submarine was designed by SMT engineers completely indigenously, and this test production is the first phase of the construction of the submarine. STM announced the development on 26 June with a press release and highlighted the fact that this will be the first time for the civilian production of a pressure hull for a military submarine in Türkiye.  

STM500 is designed to operate both in high seas and coastal areas. The submarine will be equipped with the necessary equipment for global tactical needs like reconnaissance and surveillance, special operations, and submarine warfare operations. STM500 will also have advanced and modern warfare systems. The submarine will be able to undertake any kind of mission for 30 days with a standing crew of 18, and a special operations complement of 8. The platform will have 4 ready-to-fire torpedo tubes and 8 torpedoes and guided missiles in total.

The platform drew attention from foreign countries as well, and talks continue for the platform.

Technical Specifications of STM500

  • Maximum Dive Depth: 250+ metres
  • Mission Endurance: 30 days
  • Total Length: 42 metres
  • Diameter: 4.2 metres
  • Height: 8.5 metres
  • Surface Displacement: 450+ tons
  • Submerged Displacement: 500+ tons
  • Maximum Speed: 18+ knots
  • Cruise Speed: 5 knots

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