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Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry Agency Shoots with Sarsılmaz’s Firearms: “Today we saw the success stories of Sarsılmaz in its factories.”

by Aybars Meric

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry Agency visited Sarsılmaz, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence industry and inspected its factories. Prof. Dr. Demir also tested the firearms Sarsılmaz produces, designed and created through 150 years of experience and national resources, with the company achieving a leading position in the international arena.

Sarsılmaz is a company active in the defence industry, producing not only pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, machine guns, or machine guns but also 20 mm and 25 mm autocannons under TR Mekatronik brand, created with the partnership of Turkish Aerospace, using national resources. The company hosted Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry Agency (SSB) and his accompanying delegation in its factories in Düzce.

Prof. Dr. Demir test fired SAR 762 MT and SAR 127 MT.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of Board of Sarsılmaz greeted the delegation personally. Apart from Prof. Dr. Demir, Mehmet Emin Dalfesoğlu, Head of Weapons and Ammunition Department of SSB, İrfan Özsert, Head of Industrialisation Department of SSB, and Bilkutay Yılmaz, Head of Security and Equipment Department of SSB took part in the delegation.

Prof. Dr. Demir received detailed information on the production lines in the factory, and then headed to the shooting range, testing the firearms designed and produced by Sarsılmaz using national resources.

Prof. Dr. Demir inspected SAR 56 production line.

Shaped Through Experience: SAR 56

Prof. Dr. Demir and his accompanying delegation started their tour of the factory with SAR 56 assault rifle assembly line. SAR 56 was developed through the experience Sarsılmaz gained by producing the MPT-76 assault rifles and feedback the company received from the field. Prof. Dr. Demir and his delegation also inspected the SAR 762 MT assembly line, receiving information on the production and controls of its bottom plate.

Prof. Dr. Demir and his delegation toured the cutting tool production and sharpening line, a significant step in the independence of the Turkish defence and aerospace industry, and then inspected the internationally certified calibration section. Prof. Dr. Demir and his delegation moved to the R&D section that played a crucial role in the Sarsılmaz’s success after, where they were informed about the efforts in the prototype section.

Sarsılmaz officials informed Prof. Dr. Demir on the production and controls of SAR 762 MT’s bottom plate.

Türkiye’s First National Heavy Machine Gun: SAR 127 MT

Prof. Dr. Demir and his delegation closely inspected the assembly and production lines for SAR 127 MT heavy machine gun. Sarsılmaz has the capability to produce every weapon needed by a military unit, and Prof. Dr. Demir and his delegation observed the company’s efforts in the 12.7 mm Machine Gun Preparation of Design Data Packet and Production Project.

Prof. Dr. Demir visited the cutting tools production and sharpening section and received information on the importance of this section on reducing foreign dependence.

A Multipurpose Weapon: Land, Sea, and Air

Sarsılmaz redesigned the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, to be used in all land platforms, through advanced engineering and optimisation methods, lightening its weight, and increasing its fire rate. Sarsılmaz also accomplished being the only company to undertake SSB’s project that included the development of air and sea-based versions of the firearm.

SAR 127 MT will strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces on land, sea, and in air, along with its naval version with increased corrosion resistance and increased ballistic effectiveness, and airborne version that will be integrated under the wings of Turkish Aerospace’s HÜRKUŞ-C aircraft and helicopters within a gun pod.  

Prof. Dr. Demir was also informed on the certified calibration section in the quality department.

Prof. Dr. Demir Tested Sarsılmaz Firearms

Prof. Dr. Demir also received detailed information on the engraving processes in the factory and inspected the submachine guns and assault rifles offered to the service of Turkish Armed Forces, General Command of Gendarmerie and Turkish National Police. Prof. Dr. Demir then moved to the firing range in the factories, test firing various types of firearms designed and produced by Sarsılmaz with national resources.

Prof. Dr. Demir: “I am sure world brand Türkiye will prove itself in our journey to larger weapons.”

Prof. Dr. Demir made a speech after his tour of the factory, sharing “I congratulate our sector that enjoys success after success in weapons in almost all calibres. Today we saw the success stories of Sarsılmaz in its factories. I offer my congratulations to all the stakeholders that contributed. I am sure we will continue our successes on our way to becoming a global brand. I am sure world brand Türkiye will prove itself in our journey to larger weapons.”

Prof. Dr. Demir visited the Sarsılmaz’s R&D department, and company officials shared information on the ongoing works in the prototyping section.

Prof. Dr. Demir: “Bright future for Turkish defence sector”

Prof. Dr. Demir stated that 7 years before Türkiye did not have an assault rifle to call its own, but today many Turkish firearm manufacturers produce all kinds of firearms and added: “Today, we tested vehicle mounted version of 12.7 x 99 mm heavy machine gun here. Versions of this weapon, for naval and aircraft use, are continuing to be built. We also tested a vehicle mounted 7.62 x 51 mm machine gun. In addition to this, our MPT assault rifle has its gas piston system changed by expert Sarsılmaz engineers, lightening the weapon to create MPT-SH. We can see that all kinds of firearms are being produced with great care and precision incorporating the changes our Armed Forces desired, including 12.7 x 99 mm heavy machine gun, 7.62 x 51 mm machine gun and assault rifle, 5.56 x 45 mm machine gun and assault rifle, 7.62 x 39 mm assault rifle, 9 x 19 mm submachine gun and pistols. Today Türkiye is a global brand in firearms production; just like how our pistols became world famous, so will our rifles and larger arms will be. We are producing larger calibre weapons, and 12.7 x 99 mm is a proof of that. We will see weapons in 20-, 25-, and 30-mm calibres as well. This success belongs to Türkiye, to all of us. Turkish defence industry has a bright future. We will see both public and private sector to create various products.”

Prof. Dr. Demir toured barrel production and assembly line for SAR 127 MT.

Aliş: “We can produce every kind of firearm a military unit needs.”

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of Board of Sarsılmaz, thanked Prof. Dr. Demir for his support to defence industry and stated Sarsılmaz is enjoying attention from international successes as well. Mr. Ariş then highlighted that Turkish defence industry is in a growth period and added: “As Sarsılmaz we are trying to go above and beyond expectations. In our Düzce factory, covering an area of 100,000 square metres, we can produce every kind of firearm a military unit needs. We are among the leading arms manufacturers around the world, exporting to 80 countries, with our products serving in 23 armed and security forces around the world. From sports pistols to submachine guns, from assault rifles to heavy machine guns, and even cannons, we have a product range of over 300 different products. Sarsılmaz established TR Mekatronik company, partnered with Turkish Aerospace, and is developing 20 mm rotary cannons to be integrated into ATAK helicopters, 25 mm cannons to be integrated into tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, and 127 MT Air to be integrated into HÜRKUŞ-C aircraft, with this joint company to design and produce these weapons.”

Sarsılmaz officials informed Prof. Dr. Demir on engraving processes.

Deliveries of SAR 762 MT Started

Sarsılmaz started deliveries of its SAR 762 MT machine guns chambering the 7.62 x 51mm round. General Command of Gendarmerie received the first batches of the machine gun, and the firearms were integrated into 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles in a remote-controlled weapon mount.

SAR 762 MT has 4 different models. Of these, SAR 762 MT-A can be used in remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). Developed for infantry use, the SAR 762 MT-B model, on the other hand, can be fired from both a bipod and a tripod. SAR 762 MT-C is aimed to be used in ALTAY main battle tank as a co-axial machine gun. Having very similar features to the SAR 762 MT-B, the SAR 762 MT-D’s rate of fire can be changed thanks to its 3-position gas valve. The machine gun has an effective range of 1,200 meters for area targets, and a maximum range of 3,725 meters. The average weight of the gun’s different models is around 12 kg.

Prof. Dr. Demir inspected Sarsılmaz models in the production line.

SAR 127 MT Next

Sarsılmaz’s 12.7 x 99 mm heavy machine gun SAR 127 MT can operate fully automatic or semi-automatic. The firearm can also be integrated into remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS) like SAR 762 MT-A, and with necessary interfacing, can be also mounted on land, sea, and air vehicles. The machine gun weighs around 38 kg and if used with a tripod, has an effective range of 1,375 metres for area targets. Sarsılmaz is looking forward to delivering this weapon as well.

SAR 9’s Gen2 Upgrade

Sarsılmaz is in the limelight for the new and upgraded versions of SAR 9 family. These versions contain “Gen2” in their name. Sarsılmaz pushes its design capabilities regarding semi-automatic pistols to another level with SAR9 Gen2 model. This new member of SAR9 family includes lightened trigger for more precise fire, a socket for red-dot and similar sights built onto the slide, and a newer, more ergonomic, and pleasant design that includes an indent cover that can be installed and uninstalled at will. These features give more options and ensure the pistol can use optical sights as well as traditional iron sights as effectively as possible. The pistol has an ergonomic and aesthetic design and made from durable 7075 T6-series aluminium that is also used in the aviation industry.  The magazine capacity for Gen2 is also increased, to 19 rounds.

Prof. Dr. Demir inspected the 20 mm rotary cannon to be integrated into ATAK helicopters designed by TR Mekatronik, a Sarsılmaz and Turkish Aerospace joint venture.

SAR 9 SP: Made for Special Missions

Another SAR 9 model, The SAR 9 SP comes with a series of important features for special task forces. The first of these is the suppressor connector at the muzzle of the pistol. In addition, the iron sights on the pistol are elevated, ensuring its users can aim easily with a suppressor, a red-dot, or both mounted on the pistol. The tritium markings on the iron sights makes it easy to create the correct sight picture even in inadequate light conditions. SAR 9 SP is also equipped with a lanyard ring and has a magwell. The cooling cuts on the slide of the SAR 9 SP allow the barrel to cool faster, especially after consecutive shots. Furthermore, the striker set indicator on the trigger informs the shooter whether the gun is ready to shoot. Finally, the Cerakote brand special ceramic coating on the pistol prevents it from wear and tear, protecting it from elements such as temperature, humidity, and sun rays.

SAR 9 SC: Compact and Powerful

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 9 SC model to be used in secret missions by the security forces. The pistol is in sub-compact class by its size, giving its user an easier time to carry and conceal. It can be used as a secondary pistol with its compact size. With that in mind, it has the potential to achieve significant success in markets such as USA, where pistol usage by civilians is commonplace. The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC has a capacity of 12 rounds and a weight of only 650 grams, offering its user a professional and practical experience. The pistol is designed for minimal recoil and rapid fire, redefining concealed usage with its barrel length of 85 mm. SAR 9 SC comes with tritium fibre sights that enable shooting at low light. As with all SAR 9 pistols, safety is paramount on this model as well. It has a trigger and firing pin safety despite its small size.

Prof. Dr. Demir test fired various firearms produced by Sarsılmaz using national resources, in the firing range at the factories.

SAR 56: Reliability in Frontline

SAR 56 is an assault rifle, chambering 5.56 x 45 mm round, developed by Sarsılmaz for frontline combatants. Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 56 by blending the experience it has gained in assault rifles with feedback received from users in the field, and this has led to the creation of a highly user-friendly and ergonomic weapon. SAR 56 uses short-stroke gas piston system, and the rifle comes with three different barrel lengths: 7.5 inches, 11 inches and 14.5 inches. As such, SAR 56 stands out as the ideal solution for missions requiring varying ranges. Sarsılmaz started mass production of SAR 56 and delivered the firearm to various end users.

SAR 109T: Choice for Close Combat

Indigenously developed by Sarsılmaz to meet the tactical needs of close-quarters combat, SAR 109T allows easy mounting of a wide range of accessories with its modular structure.  Any accessory with a NATO standard mounting mechanism can be attached on the picatinny rails of the gun. SAR 109T uses a blowback operating principle and shoots the NATO standard 9 x 19 mm round. The submachine gun has a fire rate of 900 rounds per minute, and a barrel length of 220 mm. SAR 109T weighs 3,032 grams with a fully loaded 30-round magazine. Lately, the firearm gained a new look with polymer rail covers enabling an easier grip and a modern tactical stock. The firearm is actively used by Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG) and Turkish National Police (TNP).  The submachine gun also has a version with a carrying handle and another version designed for civilian use.

Prof. Dr. Demir test fired various firearms produced by Sarsılmaz using national resources, in the firing range at the factories.

MPT-76 SH: Türkiye’s National Assault Rifle

Sarsılmaz is among the few producers of MPT-76 assault rifle as a part of National Assault Rifle Project, and the company lightened the firearm through the efforts of its engineers and technicians by 470 grams, making MPT-76 SH version. The rifle uses NATO standard 7.62 x 51 mm round and has a 20-round magazine. MPT-76 SH, with its 700 rounds per minute fire rate and 800 m/s muzzle velocity, can achieve an effective range of 600 metres. Thanks to its modular picatinny rail stock, it can be upgraded with all kinds of accessories. The MPT-76 SH rifles produced by Sarsılmaz are being used by TAF and TNP, serving the forces reliably.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of Board of Sarsılmaz and Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry Agency

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