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Profen Has Introduced Its New Mobile Satellite Terminal, PTA -180Ku

by Can Kılınç

Profen unveiled its new PTA-180Ku Mobile Satellite Terminal in SAHA EXPO.

The company has developed the product to meet the need for emergency communications, especially during natural disasters, and as a backup for land-based networks. The terminal also provides a solution for uninterrupted communications, which is essential for national defence.

PTA-180Ku has a carbon-fibre reflector with a 1.8 metre diameter, and the system has an aluminium tripod for mounting, with the whole system weighing 75 kg.

The reflector consists of 9 different parts that can be transported in three compact containers, and the system can be easily assembled if needed. The reflector is mounted on a mobile base and can easily be moved to where it is needed with its ball bearing supports. The scales on the product, which indicate the position of the reflector, make fine adjustment easy. The moving parts of the system do not require maintenance, which increases convenience for the end user.

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