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Roketsan Showcases Innovative Products

by MSI

Many of the products manufactured by Roketsan, can be seen at its booth at SAHA Expo. Some of the company’s prominent products such as ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, which frequently appears in the news nowadays with its successful firing tests and will soon be added to the inventory of Turkish Naval Forces, was exhibited. KHAN missile – the deterrent system of the Turkish Armed Forces; the ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System (DEWS), effective against a wide range of targets, from improvised explosive devices (IED) to drones and the Micro-Satellite Launch System, as a key milestone in Turkey’s aerospace journey, attracted attention as well.

The other products displayed by Roketsan included various missile and weapon systems such as; CİRİT, a laser-guided missile developed for light armoured or soft, stationery and moving targets, the Smart Micro Munition MAM-L, which converts UAVs into tank and armoured vehicle hunters, SOM– a cruise missile extending Turkish Air Force’s stand-off  attack capability, UMTAS, a long-range anti-tank missile system, TEBER Laser Guidance Kit that converts standard bombs into precision smart bombs; and the TRG-300, a surface-to-surface guided missile.

Details of the products on the Roketsan stand can be found in the brochures and informative videos, along with 3D virtual models.

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