Highlights of SAHA EXPO

by Can Kılınç
AC Tasarım highlighted its cable shielding solutions that offer EMI/EMC protection in SAHA EXPO. The company produces all of its products domestically and is not dependent on foreign goods. The products are actively being used in projects undertaken by main contractors like Roketsan, Otokar, BMC, FNSS, TÜBİTAK SAGE and Nurol Makina. The company is also the first and only Turkish manufacturer in its field to have its products sold by global distributors such as DIGI-KEY, WIREMASTERS and TTI-RayQ.
ASFAT made a strong showing in SAHA EXPO and unveiled a scale model of its ASBOT KN-35 new generation patrol and security boat. ASBOT KN-35 has a length of 10.2 metres and a beam of 3.2 metres. The boat is equipped with two 250 hp engines and can reach 40 knots. The boat was designed to meet the requirements of Gendarmerie General Command, and able to operate in rivers, lakes, and open waters, up to sea state 4. The boat is very agile, able to make 3600 degree turns completely while going full steam ahead.
ASSAV, an ASSAN Group subsidiary, presented a variety of products in SAHA EXPO, such as bombs, mortar and artillery ammunition, 57 mm and 84 mm recoilless rifles, a 120 mm mortar and 122 mm artillery rockets. ASSAN Group is currently investing in Ankara, Bolu and Kırıkkale provinces regarding the production of bombs, bomb bodies and mortar ammunition. The investment will bring increased manufacturing capacity, adding 11,200 bombs, 43,770 bomb bodies and 75,000 mortar shells. With this investment, the company aims to create 288 new employment positions, 30 of which will be for qualified personnel.
One of the highlights from ATA Arms in SAHA EXPO was its ASR sniper rifle. The first multi-calibre sniper rifle of Turkey, ASR, can fire four different kinds of ammunition, 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester and .338 Lapua Magnum after changing some parts including the barrel. These changes can be made under a minute in the field by the user.
ATEŞÇİ put the focus on its reloading machine that is able to produce 120 small arms cartridges in a minute in SAHA EXPO. The machine fills the empty casings with gunpowder and combines it with bullets to produce a complete cartridge. Servo motors are used for the movement of the systems within the machine and according to company statements the machine can produce with tighter tolerances with this feature. The machine weighs about 3 tons, and works using 9 kW of electric power and 6 bar of pressure.
ATP Defence presented its connectors and adapters in SAHA EXPO. The company was founded on 2007, and designs and produces distribution boxes, control boxes, gauges, instrument panels, closed circuit cable harnesses, and magnetic sensors used in various armoured vehicles and weapon systems.
BİAS Engineering marketed its testing capabilities and services in SAHA EXPO. The company provides testing, measurement, and engineering services to plenty of industrial organisations, with a focus on defence, aerospace, and automotive sectors since 1997. The company offers its testing services in TOSB BİAS Automotive Test Centre in Gebze. In the company’s factory, based in Ankara OSTİM with 1,800 square meters of closed space, there are 5-axis CNCs, welding machinery, CMMs and other production infrastructures as well.
SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair is brought online through virtual fair and event platform XperExpo, developed by BİTES. The participants of the virtual fair can present their solutions and products in both 2D and 3D. The visitors can closely inspect said products and solutions offered and receive information about their features through the application as well. Furthermore, the companies can hold B2B talks through the application by sending meeting requests.
BMC presented its New Generation IFV ALTUĞ 8X8 and Armoured Unmanned Ground Vehicle AMAZON OTONOM in SAHA EXPO. Different versions of ALTUĞ can be equipped with weapons ranging from 7.62 mm to 120 mm and can carry 9 personnel in addition to its 3 crew members. As for AMAZON OTONOM, it is a version of the company’s AMAZON vehicle with autonomous capabilities. The vehicle has 360-degree vision camera systems, lidar and radar systems, thermal and night vision systems, and several other sensors to achieve AI-based autonomous driving.
Brensan focused on its Light Universal Charger (LUC) in SAHA EXPO. The system is used to charge batteries in field conditions and can be charged itself utilising all available energy sources in the field. The unit is easily carried by personnel and has NATO standard interfaces. It can charge all Li-Ion batteries using cable adapters, and as only single unit is used for charging purposes, it offers a logistical advantage to its users.
CDT, a distributor of the Nano Dimension, showcased the capabilities of DragonFly LDM 3D Printer, a product of the latter. CDT also presented the electronic parts produced by said 3D printer. With it, various PCBs, antennas, capacitors, and sensors can be printed. DragonFly LDM 3D is used in more than 50 organisations around the world, including NASA.
CTech not only presented its solutions and products in the SAHA EXPO, but also received a “Certificate of Appreciation” as well. Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekci, Vice President of Defence Industries and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAVELSAN presented the certificate to Dr. Nurşen Sarı, Deputy General Manager of CTech.
Dorçe hosted Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar (right) in SAHA EXPO. Mehmet Selçuk Yücesoy, Business Development Manager of DORCE (left) informed Mr. Bayraktar regarding various projects, including “Pilotkent” Living Arrangement the company successfully completed using prefabricated steel structures.
Er Makina, a company that offers engineering, design and production services for high-speed gears and gearboxes, presented its capabilities in SAHA EXPO. Various gears and gearboxes produced for different platforms were showcased in the company’s booth.
EST Endüstri marketed the services it offers in SAHA EXPO. The company is active in cleaning, coating with chemical processes, painting including cerakote and wet paints, branding and lubricating various parts made of aluminium, steel, brass, or more.
Femsan presented its slotless brushless motor product family in SAHA EXPO. Said motors are useful for applications where volume and weight are constrained, such as rockets, missiles, or UAVs. These kinds of motors also have various advantages, including compactness, lower weight, higher efficiency, no knocking momentum, finer control, silent running, dynamic reaction, and lower EMI emissions.
FNSS focused on the meetings it held with its sub-contractors in SAHA EXPO. FNSS regards national production highly in subsystems and is spending effort for domestication of critical components such as power groups, armour steel, autocannon systems and transmission systems. FNSS highly utilises its ecosystem when it comes to indigenisation.
Gökser R&D presented its capabilities in developing mobile air conditioning systems and showcased its Mobile Military Air Conditioning System in SAHA EXPO. The company has been providing ground support systems for both civilian and military aviation since 1987, and said systems offer more capabilities than only air conditioning, including power and fuel delivery. The military ground support equipment of the company is actively being used for fighter aircraft, especially F-16, and various helicopters. The systems have also completed their tests for F-35 successfully, and as such, they are an off-the-shelf option for countries that enjoy this aircraft in their inventories.
One of the solutions ICterra highlighted in SAHA EXPO was its Honeypot System. The company developed the system in line with a Technology Acquisition Liability Program of the Presidency of Defence Industries. The system consists of sensors like trap servers that focus the attackers on themselves and a centralised management system that process the data from said sensors.
Kale Ar-Ge, presented its KTJ-3200 turbojet in SAHA EXPO. According to the contract the company signed with Roketsan in August during IDEF’21, the company will integrate its KTJ-3200 engine to SOM and ATMACA cruise missiles and start mass production.
KALEKALIP put its KMG556 Light Machine Gun that had its qualification tests successfully concluded in the limelight. The weapon was designed for tactical needs of special forces units, and developed to provide effective suppressing fire for squad sized units against enemy targets. The company has recently started mass manufacture of KMG556, chambered for 5.56×45 mm rounds, and the deliveries of the weapon will start in 2022 for various domestic end-users according to the signed contracts.
Leonardo focused on its Miysis DIRCM Directed Infrared Countermeasure it developed for air platfoms and OSPREY 30 multifunctional radar in SAHA EXPO. The first one of these, Miysis DIRCM, is used against IR-guided missiles, including all-aspect Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) missiles. The product jams the electro-optical tracker found on these missiles with a laser system. As for the other, OSPREY 30, it was developed with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology and is easily scalable. A single module provides 120 degrees of vision, and three modules can be combined to provide 360-degree scanning abilities. Alternatively a single module can also be installed on a rotating mount to provide full coverage.
Menatek presented various products it developed for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles in SAHA EXPO. One of these, Environment and Weather Sensor, Military (EWS-M) collects a variety of environmental data and sends the data to fire control computer of the vehicle. Another, Power Transmission Gearbox delivers the power from the vehicle’s transmission to where it’s needed in the vehicle.
Mercan Optik, active in eyewear sector since 1994, presented its new Ben.x Tactical Ballistic Glasses line-up in SAHA EXPO. The glasses are resistant to impact, and with their curved shape, they offer full protection against any debris that may contact the eye otherwise. The products are also lightweight and flexible, giving their users a comfortable experience.
MILMAST, a company provides solutions for various telescopic mast system needs, presented its 8-metre FTM series mast, 6-metre FOM series mast and 2.2-metre UGV mast in SAHA EXPO. The company designed FTM series masts with carbon composite body with heavier payloads in mind, and the masts can reach between 3 and 15 metres. As for FOM series masts, they were designed for applications with limited space for payloads, like tank turrets or UGVs, where the height must also be restricted.
Numesys, a company that offers services to Turkish defence and aerospace sector with its Ansys products, marketed its solutions that may increase the design and engineering capabilities of sector companies in SAHA EXPO. Solutions for various disciplines, including fluid mechanics, optics, electromagnetics, and embedded software, are some of Ansys products. Numesys also offers its clients consulting services to better utilise Ansys products.
Powell Electronics, which provides detail wiring products including connectors, backboards, and contacts fit for military and aerospace standards, enjoys a large clientele including main contractors and wiring sub-contractors. The company was able to meet with its current and potential clients in SAHA EXPO and held talks for potential collaborations.
Having a very wide small arms product gamut, Sarsılmaz highlighted its 5.56×45 mm assault rifles, SAR 56 and SAR 223P in a variety of barrel configurations. SAR 223P is the gas piston variant of SAR 223 family, and it offers advantages such as low maintenance requirements and resistance against tough conditions. As for SAR 56, the company utilised all the experience it built up over the years and combined it with feedback from active personnel to develop this weapon, which proved itself to be user-friendly and ergonomic.
Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SaSaD) also opened a booth in SAHA EXPO. Many of the association’s members are a part of SAHA ISTANBUL cluster as well.
Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) held plenty of meetings that will contribute to the export efforts of its members in the fair.
Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM (right) gifted a scale of MİLGEM to Vasyl Bodnar, Ambassador of Ukraine in Ankara when he visited the company’s booth. STM is the main contractor for the project regarding MİLGEM corvettes currently in construction for Ukrainian Navy. The first vessel was laid down in September in Istanbul within the project.
Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) focused on presenting its CANiK M2 QCB heavy machine gun, the M2 Maintenance Kit, and its recommended configuration for land operations in SAHA EXPO. The configuration SYS recommends includes various accessories developed by domestic and foreign companies, such as MTN 90 Machine Gun Reflex Sight, PARS 635 Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sight and DLIRIL Dual Laser Pointer and Illuminator in addition to the weapon itself. The accessories are mounted on the gun with Cadex SOLO interface. As for the M2 Maintenance Kit, it includes every kind of equipment needed to perform maintenance and calibration on an M2 heavy machine gun.
TARGET Inc. participated in SAHA EXPO with its newest initiative, TEOPS. TEOPS, which was founded with “Your Partner in Electro-Optical Solutions” as its motto, aims to support prime contractors and suppliers in the matters of design, integration, manufacturing, maintenance, refurbishment, and repair. In addition, the company’s mission includes producing innovative solutions to end users’ unmet needs and exporting.
In SAHA EXPO, TEI presented its T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine, developed to be integrated into T-70 helicopters being currently produced by Turkish Aerospace within Utility Helicopter Project. The company announced the 50th such engine had passed its acceptance tests done by Turkish Aerospace shortly after the fair.
TRTEST marketed its testing services in SAHA EXPO. The company is spending effort to build up a domestic testing infrastructure, acquire capabilities to conduct tests that cannot be currently done in Turkey and undertake the operations of public testing centres. TRTEST aims to be an independent and reliable testing authority for the public and meet every kind of testing demands from all Turkish manufacturers and organisations, especially defence and aerospace industry with these efforts.
TR Airworthiness, which is active in airworthiness certification field, presented its services to sub-contractors that provide various equipment to air platforms. TR Airworthiness offers consulting services for product design processes and production processes in line with certification standards for organisations within defence and aerospace industry, develops new solutions with its business partners, and contributes to talent growth with its comprehensive training sessions.
TTAF Defence presented its efforts in fields like cable harnesses, electromechanical boxes, and electromechanical assembly. The company provides cable harness solutions to various projects by Baykar, FNSS, Nurol Makina, STM, and Turkish Aerospace. TTAF Defence is also preparing to produce for various UAVs, and it added aviation engines to its cable harness production range. The company started producing for TEI in this regard.
Turkish Aerospace showcased T625 GÖKBEY General Purpose Helicopter (below) and a full scale model of HÜRJET Trainer and Light Attack Jet (above) in the common exhibition space in SAHA EXPO. The company produced the first three prototypes of GÖKBEY. The tests for the helicopter continue, and the company received Large Rotary Wing Aircraft Design Organisation Permit from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, a milestone for this project. As for HÜRJET, it was developed in line with the needs of Turkish Air Force, and its maiden flight is planned to commence sometime in 2022.
Türksat focused on its PeycON Micron in SAHA EXPO, a Satcom on the Move (SOTM) solution. The product is easily carried by one person, weighing 16 kg with its case. The system can offer 6 Mbps upload and 25 Mbps download speeds through Ka-Band and can connect to a satellite within minutes.
Unidef, which can adapt its weapon integration capabilities for different demands, presented its Armed Trailer System (ATS) and BOMBUS Gun Pod in SAHA EXPO. ATS was developed around the company’s remote-controlled folding weapon turret (AAT) system. The system can be quickly deployed where it’s needed, achieving operational status within minutes. The weapon turret of ATS stays inside the system when it is not in use, protected from the elements and possible attacks. As for BOMBUS gun pod, it was showcased with Weapon Management System and a user interface unit.
Unirobotics, a first timer in SAHA EXPO, presented its Active Stabilised Weapon Mount. It is a half-robotic system, to minimise the adverse effects caused by the sea conditions and to maximise the integration between the weapon and platform. The company also showcased its smart weapon (IoT weapon) solutions in the fair. Said solutions provide capabilities such as tracking and usage statistics to the pistols and rifles they are integrated into. Thus, the weapons transform into smart systems that can communicate, provide statistical data, and correct errors.
YALTES, a company that provides various solutions aimed at naval platforms, both domestic and foreign, held meetings for cooperation opportunities in SAHA EXPO. The company is renowned for its solutions for surface platforms, and it expanded its reach underwater in 2016. YALTES completed its product development efforts for two different classes of submarines in this regard.
Yonca-Onuk JV presented its various surface platforms, ranging from MTRP 12, a 12-metre-long vessel, to MTRP 51, a 54-metre-long vessel. The company also presented various scale models, including MTRP 51 that can be equipped with a 76 mm cannon on the bow and various guided munitions, and two vessels that can carry weapon systems up to 30 mm calibre, MTRP 34 and MTRP 24 / SOC, with 36.8 and 26.3 metres of length respectively.

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