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Samsun Yurt Savunma Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

by Can Kılınç

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. SYS, established in Samsun in the year 1998, has become the 6th largest small arms manufacturer in the world and exports 95 percent of its production to 70 countries on four continents. H. Zafer Aral, Chairman of the Board of SYS, has issued a celebratory message to celebrate the occasion, highlighting the significant achievements of the world-renowned brand CANiK with the following words: “We built our facilities as centres for cutting-edge technology. We have achieved unparalleled success together as the CANiK family. We will continue to feel this excitement and achieve many more successes, not just as the CANiK brand, but also with all our subsidiaries and brands within SYS, such as CANiK Academy, AEI Systems, UNIROBOTICS, UNIDEF, and MECANiK.”

Aral also shared the following in his celebratory message: “It is time to celebrate the pride and joy of a 25-year journey as the CANiK family. We took our first step into the defence industry as a 69-year-old industrialist family exactly 25 years ago, on 18 September 1998, and we have remained committed to our goal of becoming a leader in the global defence sector since then. We have achieved what we have on our way to this goal by implementing our strategic plans with determination. The principles that our company holds have guided us in achieving these historic successes. Throughout this epic journey, we have never deviated from our fundamental principles of honesty, justice, transparency, and having a solution-oriented mindset. These principles are the cornerstones of CANiK and the values that guide us on our path. Our vision is to become a global brand regarding the small arms and defence sectors by representing the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and smart solutions in the global arena. Our mission is to create highly efficient smart processes as a brand that designs, develops, and produces firearms and defence products, services, and solutions of the future in the small arms and defence sectors, and to invest in talented human resources so that we can stay one step ahead forever more.”

“We Made Our Dreams a Reality”

Aral emphasised that they have been a solution partner for Türkiye as well as all allied and friendly countries over the past 25 years. He concluded his remarks as follows: “We visualised our dreams, made our plans, and made them a reality. We overcame the challenges we faced along this path with our dedicated and determined employees and business partners. We built our facilities as centres for cutting-edge technology to achieve our goals. We have achieved unparalleled success together as the CANiK family, and we are fully confident that we will continue to work together to achieve new successes.”

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