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SAR 127 MT AIR: Sarsılmaz’s Latest Offering for Air Platforms

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

Sarsılmaz added SAR 127 MT AIR heavy machine gun, developed specifically for air platforms, to its already extensive heavy machine gun line-up. As with base model SAR 127 MT, it chambers the 12.7x99mm round, but with higher rate of fire and reduced weight. SAR 127 MT AIR is expected to be integrated into HÜRKUŞ-C close air support aircraft in a gun pod by TR MEKATRONİK, a subsidiary of Sarsılmaz.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı SAR-127-MT-ve-SAR-762-MT-1024x780.jpg
Sarsılmaz conducted plenty of firing tests in the development of SAR 127 MT and SAR 762 MT.

If a system is to be used in air platforms, it is crucial for that system is as lightweight as possible, as the platform will have weight constraints of its own. In addition to being lightweight, a high rate of fire is also a prized feature for machine guns in air platforms, as engagement window is rather short for air platforms, though that window is obviously affected by velocities involved. As such, the air platform should be able to fire as many rounds as possible downrange to achieve effective fire on its target.

SAR 127 MT AIR was designed with these criteria in mind, weighing 33 kg and firing 900-1,000 rounds per minute. Compared to SAR 127 MT, the weapon is 5.1 kg lighter with almost twice the fire rate, and as such, an ideal machine gun for air platforms.

SAR 127 MT: Last Word in Combat

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 127 MT AIR based on SAR 127 MT machine gun. The company developed SAR 127 MT as a part of PMT 12.7×99 mm project it signed with Defence Industry Agency (SSB).

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SAR 127 MT can be adapted to RCWS and various vehicles, in addition to being able to be used with a tripod.

SAR 127 MT provides effective firepower to units in the battlefield, able to fire both in semi-automatic and automatic modes. The weapon has an omnidirectional belt feed system, able to feed from both right and left, and as such it can easily adapt to field conditions or various remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). The machine gun can also be mounted on vehicles with some interfacing effort. SAR 127 MT weighs 38 kg, has an effective range against zone targets of 1,830 metres, while its maximum range is around 6,700 metres. The machine gun is air-cooled with quick change barrel (QCB) feature. Thus, in situations where the weapon needs to be fired continuously, such as in battles requiring intense suppressive fire, the machine gunner can quickly and safely replace the heated barrel with a spare one, giving its user the ability to continue fighting without any serious downtime.

Sarsılmaz officials highlight the fact that SAR 127 MT can penetrate a vehicle’s engine block from 1,800 metres, provided it is using steel core ammunition.

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SAR 127 MT offers effective firepower with its 12.7×99 mm ammunition.

Experience from Past Shaped the Weapon

Sarsılmaz started examining similar machine guns after signing the contract with SSB. The company verified its designs with simulation efforts right after the design process was completed. Sarsılmaz had to do new investments as this calibre was a first for the company, and it renewed its machinery and production lines with these investments. The company then produced prototypes, later to exhibit them in IDEF ’19. Sarsılmaz is expected to commence mass production for its .50-cal machine gun rather soon.

Table 1. Technical Specifications of SAR 127 MT and SAR 127 MT AIR

SAR 762 MT: For All Use Cases for Infantry and Military Vehicles

Sarsılmaz started developing SAR 762 MT with the PMT 7.62×51 project it signed with Defence Industry Agency (SSB). The company aims to meet the needs of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG), and Turkish National Police (TNP) with this weapon, and it finished all the relevant tests for it. Sarsılmaz started mass production of SAR 762 MT as well, delivering the first ones to GCG.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Untitled-4-3-1024x605.jpg
SAR 762 MT chambers the 7.62×51 mm round, using a gas piston operation.

Co-axial Gun for ALTAY Tank

SAR 762 MT has 4 different models. Of these, SAR 762 MT-A can be used in remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). Developed for infantry use, the SAR 762 MT-B model, on the other hand, can be fired from both a bipod and a tripod. SAR 762 MT-C is aimed to be used in ALTAY main battle tank as a co-axial machine gun. Having very similar features to the SAR 762 MT-B, the SAR 762 MT-D’s rate of fire can be changed thanks to its 3-position gas valve.

The body of all SAR 762 MT’s models are durable for at least 50,000 rounds. And all the models have barrel-life of at least 25,000 rounds. The gun can operate between -52 and +72o C. The machine gun has an effective range of 1,200 meters for area targets, and a maximum range of 3,725 meters. The average weight of the gun’s different models is around 12 kg.

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Firing tests continue for SAR 762 MT in parallel with its mass production, to improve the machine gun further.

Non-stop Fire with Quick Change Barrel (QCB)

SAR 762 MT is a belt-fed, fully automatic weapon. It has omnidirectional feed like its larger sibling and can be easily adapted to a RCWS or its firing position. The machine gun is also air-cooled and comes with a quick-change barrel feature as well.

Table 2. Technical Specifications of SAR 762 MT Versions

Designed for Missions Where Concealed Carry Is a Must: SAR 9 SC

Sarsılmaz developed its SAR 9 pistol for Türkiye’s Authentic Domestic Pistol Project and in time, this single pistol turned into a wide product family, including models that can meet every semi-auto pistol demand from armed forces, security forces and civilian users. One of the newest members of the family, SAR 9 SC, is in the sub-compact class. Compared to the regular pistols, it is smaller, and comes with various features that are shaped for its users. With its size and ease of carry, it is an ideal pistol for missions that require pistols to be carried concealed. In addition, it can also work as a back-up pistol for the personnel who already carry a full size one.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Untitled-6-4-1024x787.jpg
Sarsılmaz commenced the mass production of SAR 762 MT and started delivering the first batches.

Even though the pistol was shaped for the security forces and their needs in mind, it is expected for the pistol to perform very well in markets like the USA, where usage of pistols is widespread. SAR9 family and another member of said family, SAR 9X, received two different awards as they were chosen to be the best pistols by the experts, editors, and even the public at large. SAR 9 SC is also expected to achieve similar successes.

Made for Stealth and Concealment

Compared to pistols in the SAR 9 family and their width of 37 mm, SAR 9 SC only has 27 mm, in addition to being smaller in the other two dimensions, making it the smallest member of SAR 9 family. However, even though it is the smallest pistol, it still has a 12-round magazine. The pistol is a striker-fired, single-action one, chambering the ubiquitous 9×19 mm round.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Untitled-9-3-1024x872.jpg
Sarsılmaz developed SAR 9 SC for concealed carry, both for civilian users and security forces undertaking special missions.

SAR 9 SC comes with all the regular features of its product family, and with its weight of only 630 grams, it is one of the lightest and easiest to carry pistol of its class. A strengthened polymer body is the reason for this lightness, while a forged steel alloy barrel makes sure the pistol has an exceptional performance.

Like its siblings, SAR 9 SC is produced with safety in mind. Both a trigger and firing pin safety comes as standard for the sub-compact pistol. Firing pin safety prevents pistol from firing even if it falls cocked, while trigger safety makes sure trigger will not operate unless the little latch on the trigger is pressed.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Untitled-8-2-1024x809.jpg
SAR 9 SC, the smallest of SAR 9 family, has a 12-round magazine and an 85 mm barrel.

Another important feature of SAR 9 SC is its three-point tritium-fibre optical sight that works as well as in low light conditions as normal conditions. The one big difference between its siblings and SAR 9 SC is it has no picatinny rail for accessories.

Table 3. Technical Specifications of SAR 9 SC

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