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Sarsılmaz Develops SAR9 SPORT, the Newest Member of the SAR9 family, for Competitive Shooters

by MSI

Sarsılmaz Silah Sanayi A.Ş. (Sarsılmaz) closely follows the rapidly developing technologies and trends in the market, and continues to develop new products that will make a difference to their users. The latest product to be offered to the market by the company is the SAR9 SPORT, which has been developed specifically for competitive shooters. The weapon, the standard version of which can be mounted with an optical sight, stands out with its simplicity and easy-to-disassemble mechanism, as well as its special trigger mechanism that facilitates accurate successive shots. In parallel with its works in the field of handguns, the company is gathering momentum amid the change and development of weapon systems and equipment in the defence sector, allowing it to develop products that can best satisfy the demands and needs of security forces.

Following the success of the K12SPORT competition gun and the positive feedback from its users, Sarsılmaz initiated a new project to respond to the evolving demands of the market. The engineers at Sarsılmaz decided to produce a polymer-framed sportive handgun that stands out in terms of its light-weight, robustness and ease of production, and started to work building on the technologies used in the SAR9, which has proven itself in time under the harshest of test and field conditions. Their studies led to the creation of the SAR9 SPORT model, in early 2020, which has a longer barrel than the SAR9, and accordingly, utilizing a longer cover kit. The SAR9 SPORT model has a 133 mm barrel and a 211 mm overall length, and weighs 850 gr.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

Focus on the User: Simplicity, Reliability and Ergonomics

Sarsılmaz designs every part of each gun it develops based on its own means, and thus masters all of the details, allowing it to carry the success of its products one step further in every new gun. The company has applied this approach also to the SAR9 SPORT.

The cassette system preferred in the interior of the SAR9 SPORT permits the easily detachment of the internal mechanism from the frame by removing only two pins on the handgun. This feature reduces the number of moving parts and springs in the handgun, and enables the handgun to operate without jamming. Allowing the cassette system to be detached from the frame has made the maintenance and cleaning of the handgun much easier for users. The SAR9 SPORT has a polymer frame that has been designed with sole focus on the shooter. The MIL-STD-1913 compliant three-notched Piccatini rail on the frame permits the attachment of accessories. The direction of the magazine latch of the SAR9 SPORT can be altered, whereas the safety catch can be engaged from either side, making it suitable for both right- and left-handed use. Replaceable rear grip and side grip covers, which are offered in small, medium or large, allow the users to create the most ergonomic combination for their own hand. Another important feature of the grip design is its rounded edges, which allow quick magazine changes, without a need for a magwell. Similar to the other SAR9 models, this model also uses Mec-Gar magazines, with capacities of 17, 19 and 21 rounds. Like the SAR9X model, the barrel ventilation channels in the cover kit help keep the barrel cool during repeated shots. Flat surface channels on the back of the cover kit provide the user with better grip, reducing the risk of slippage and making the gun easier to set.

Ventilation channels on the barrel of the SAR9 SPORT facilitate the cooling of the barrel during successive shots.

Ready for Optical Sights

One of the most important features of the SAR9 SPORT is that its standard version allows for the mounting of optical sights, without the need to remove the mechanical sights (front and rear). The optical sights can be mounted in the slot on the cover kit with two Allen bolts.

Thanks to its frame design, the SAR9 SPORT has a low bore axis and, reducing muzzle rise and recoil for the user. Aside from the bore axis, the telescopic double main spring plays a major role in reducing the rearing and recoil of the handgun, absorbing the impact during the explosion of the cartridge in two stages.

SAR9 SPORT comes out of the box ready for mounting with an optical sight.

Special Barrel, Pin and Trigger

The long version of the forged steel barrel developed by Sarsılmaz following the R&D studies for the development of the SAR9 was used also for the SAR9 SPORT, and thanks to Sarsılmaz’s special production techniques, the barrel has high accuracy. The firing pin of the SAR9 SPORT has a rectangular cross section, and while it has almost the same dimensions as a round pin, it strikes a larger surface area of the cartridge, reducing the risk of misfires. Despite this significant advantage offered by rectangular pins, they are preferred by very few manufacturers, since the production of both this type of pin and the corresponding cover kit involves difficult and precise processing techniques. Sarsılmaz is able to offer a better product to its users through the use of rectangular pins, given its access to the appropriate production technologies.

The SAR9 SPORT has a single set trigger, and offers a Safe Action safety system in addition to its safety catch. This system also ensures trigger and pin block safety. As such, the SAR9 SPORT cannot fire without the trigger being pulled. In other words, it is impossible for the pin to strike the round unless the trigger is pulled, even if the gun is dropped or struck by an object. This greatly reduces injuries resulting from accidents and misuse.

The position of the magazine latch of the SAR9 SPORT can be changed, whereas the safety catch can be accessed from both sides. Thanks to this bidirectional safety catch and adjustable magazine latch, the weapon can be used in both the right and left hand.

The short trigger reset distance (trigger setting distance) contributes to the protection of the bore axis when making successive shots. Accordingly, after taking the first shot, the user can immediately take the next shot preventing the natural movements of the body or finger deflecting bore axis. Furthermore, since all of the contact surfaces of the trigger mechanism parts are polished, the friction inside the mechanism is minimized, ensuring a smooth shot. Aside from this feature, the SAR9 SPORT stands by with its mechanisms design which has the firing pin waiting in a semi-set condition and thus can be fired quickly when the trigger is pulled.

Sarsılmaz is continuing its efforts to develop its sportive trigger even further in its R&D centre.

The short trigger reset distance on the SAR9 SPORT allows the handgun to make successive accurate shots.

Machine Guns and New Infantry Rifle on the Way

Sarsılmaz is also carrying out projects to satisfy the critical needs of the nation’s security forces. The first of these is the PMT 7.62×51 Project for the development of a 7.62×51 mm machine gun. Under the project which is long expected from the Turkish defence sector,  , Sarsılmaz has developed the SAR 762 MT model, and having completed the testing of the product, it is now ready for serial production. Meanwhile, the company launched prototype tests on the SAR 127 MT model that has been developed under the PMT 12.7 project, in which a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun is being developed, as another critical need. The company is also proceeding at full pace in a project for the development of a 20 mm autocannon for the T129 ATAK helicopter. Back on the ground, the company has launched serial production of a new 5.56 mm infantry rifle, developed in line with user requirements.

Sarsılmaz is also establishing a new 200 metre-long shooting and testing range on a 20,000 square meter area next to its factory in Düzce. Once the facility enters into service at the end of this year, the company will be able to conduct firing tests on a wide range of weapons, from machine guns to the 20 mm automatic cannon.

Product Range Expanding

Commenting on the handgun, automatic handgun, infantry rifle and machine gun projects in which they have been engaged, Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sarsılmaz, said: “Sarsılmaz has always endeavoured to do its best in every project that it has been awarded by the SSB. We are continuing deliveries of large numbers of our SAR9 METE pistol, which came first in the pistol development project of the SSB. Our SAR109T submachine gun has already gained popularity among the Turkish National Police and the General Command of Gendarmerie as it is an effective urban warfare weapon. In recent years, we have also launched production of three different types of assault rifles, namely, the SAR223 P (5.56×45 mm), SAR308 (7.62×39 mm) and MPT76 (7.62×51 mm), of which deliveries are continuing according to schedule. Our latest task is to develop 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns in accordance with the requirements of our country, and we have made a rapid start in these two projects, fulfilling all the necessary requirements within the scope of these new projects, and completing the necessary investments into the production line.”

Sarsılmaz plans to deliver the first of the SAR 127 MT (above) and SAR 762 MT (below) machine guns that roll off the serial production line within this year.

Sarsılmaz: A 140-Year-Old Tradition

With the knowledge it has gained since its establishment in 1880, its quality concept and its desire to act as a pioneer in its field, Sarsılmaz is not only Turkey’s sole private organisation producing personal defence handguns, military weapons and sportive weapons, but also possesses one of the largest integrated weapon production facilities in Europe. The company carries out its R&D activities in its own R&D centre.

Sarsılmaz exports most of its production, having made sales in 81 countries on different continents, from the Americas to the Far East, and from Europe to Africa. A large proportion of these exports have been made to the United States under the SAR USA brand. Military products and handguns produced by Sarsılmaz have entered into use in the armed forces and police organisations of many countries. Within Turkey, the company continues to satisfy the needs of the security forces with the SAR9 METE, which was developed under the Indigenous Handgun Development (ÖYTG) Project, as well as the MPT-76, SAR223P and SAR308 infantry rifles, and the SAR109T machine gun.

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