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Sarsılmaz Establishes a Beachhead in the USA with a Landing at TRIGGRCON Firearms Fair

by Can Kılınç

Sarsılmaz, which received the “Handgun of the Year” award in the USA with its SAR 9 Compact X model, has participated at the 2023 TRIGGRCON Firearms fair, taking its place among the giants of the firearms sector. Sarsılmaz and its USA branch, SAR USA, will showcase their products during the first two days of the event, and the participants will have the opportunity to experience shooting Sarsılmaz’s pistols with live ammunition on the last day of the event. The fair was launched on 22 September in Kansas and will reach its climax with a shooting competition on 24 September. Sarsılmaz will participate in this event with SAR Defense team member Renee Ench, who has already bagged a National SASP Championship despite being 18 years old.

Largest Firearms Fair Open to the Public in the Midwest

Sarsılmaz has become one of the largest firearms manufacturers in both Türkiye and Europe through its 143-year-long journey, and the company is presenting is showcasing its latest products at the TRIGGRCON Firearms fair, which is known for its influence on the firearms sector. Jacob Phair, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SAR USA, shared the following: “We’ve been eagerly anticipating this fantastic event; TRIGGRCON is the largest public firearms fair in the Midwest. Sarsılmaz is ready to present its new and innovative product line at this fair.”

Extensive Product Range

Sarsılmaz is presenting its extensive range of products at the fair, aimed at individual users, and making an impression once again on the international stage. The company’s product range can meet all the firearms and weapon systems needs of an entire military unit, and Sarsılmaz will offer a glimpse of this product range with a shooting event on the last day of the fair with products that have garnered significant interest from the American individual users.

 Champions of Sarsılmaz

The aforementioned Renee Ench has won the FL SASP championship five times, achieved four silver medals at the National SASP, and secured the 2023 Optic Pistol National SASP Championship, and she will represent Sarsılmaz in the shooting competition on the last day of the fair. She used Sarsılmaz K12 Sport and SAR9 Sport Gen3, among others, when she claimed the 2023 Optic Pistol National SASP Championship. Tony Sentmanat, a retired SWAT member with over 22 years of service as a Marine, will also represent Sarsılmaz. He has been a firearms instructor for more than 20 years, in addition to his experience in mixed martial arts.

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