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Machine Guns from Sarsılmaz Join the Fray

by Buse Köse

Sarsılmaz put its matured machine gun product family in the limelight in its booth, with some members of it being already adopted for service. The company showcased the newest iterations of its SAR9 pistol family, called Gen2, however the main attraction of its booth were SAR 127 MT heavy machine gun and SAR 762 machine gun. In addition, SAR 9 SC and SAR 9 SP pistols and SAR 56 assault rifle was exhibited physically for a defence industry event for the first time.

SAR 762 MT Was Presented with All Its Models for the First Time

Sarsılmaz started delivery of SAR 762 MT machine guns, which chamber 7.62x51mm rounds, just before the IDEF ‘21 started. According to a public announcement made on 22 June, the first batches of the gun were delivered to Gendarmerie General Command (GCG), and the video that was released with the announcement had footage of the machine gun being an integral part of an EJDER YALÇIN vehicle’s remote controlled weapon system (RCWS).

SAR 762 MT-B and SAR 762 MT-D versions look very similar visually. SAR 762 MT-B model is seen in this photograph.

Sarsılmaz presented SAR 762 MT machine gun with all its models for the first time. The models, ranging from A to D, were developed for different applications. The first of these, SAR 762 MT-A, is able to be used in RCW systems. The second, SAR 762 MT-B, is an infantry model, able to be used with the help of a bipod or a tripod. The third, SAR 762 MT-C is expected to be the co-axial machine gun for the ALTAY main battle tank. Last but not least, SAR 762 MT-D is very similar to SAR 762 MT-B but with the ability to select the fire rate thanks to its 3-position gas valve. The machine gun family has an effective range of 1,100 meters for area targets, and a maximum range of 3,725 meters, and the average weight of the machine guns are 12 kg.

As for the heavy machine gun, SAR 127 MT, chambering 12.7x99mm rounds, is capable of being used in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. As with its little brother SAR 762 MT-A, SAR 127 MT can be integrated in RCW systems and after making the necessary interface connections, the weapon can be used in land, sea, and air platforms. The weapon weighs approximately 38 kg and has an effective range of 1,830 meters for area targets when used with a tripod. The weapon is expected to be in service very soon.

SAR 762 MT-C is planned to be used as the co-axial machine gun in ALTAY tank.

The Future of SAR 9 Family: SAR9 Gen2

Sarsılmaz also showcased the newest members of SAR 9 family of pistols, which has many improvements. The Gen2 versions of SAR 9 family promise to deliver a smooth trigger pull to its users thanks to its lightened aluminium triggers. SAR 9 Gen2 model will be offered to the market with various colour options for its body and trigger and 3 different magazines, one of which can hold 19 rounds.

SAR 9 SP: Tailor-Made for Special Missions

The SAR 9 SP comes with plenty of important features for special forces. The first of these is the suppressor threads at the muzzle of the pistol that is able mount all standard sized suppressors. In addition, shooters can easily aim even with a suppressor attached to the pistol, as pistol’s elevated iron sights help move the line of sight above the suppressor. The tritium markings on the iron sights makes it easy to create the correct sight picture even in inadequate light conditions. SAR 9 SP is also equipped with a lanyard ring and has a magwell. The cooling cuts on the slide of the SAR 9 SP allow the barrel to cool faster, especially after consecutive shots. Furthermore, the striker set indicator on the trigger informs the shooter whether the gun is ready to shoot. Finally, the Cerakote brand special ceramic coating on the pistol prevents it from wear and tear, protecting it from elements such as temperature, humidity, and sun rays.


SAR 9 SC: Smallest Member of the Family

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 9 SC model to be used in secret missions by the security forces. The pistol is in sub-compact class by its size, giving its user an easier time to carry and conceal, able to be used as a secondary pistol as well. With that in mind, it has the potential to achieve significant success in markets such as USA, where pistol usage by civilians is commonplace. The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC has a capacity of 12 rounds and a barrel length of 85 mm.

Both SAR 9 SP and SAR 9 SC has all the standard features that comes in SAR 9 product family.

The longest version of SAR 56 has a barrel length of 14.5 inches.

Companion to Manoeuvre Units: SAR 56

The SAR 56 assault rifle, chambering 5.56x45mm NATO rounds, is one of the guns Sarsılmaz developed for frontline duty. Sarsılmaz utilised all the experience it gathered over the years and combined it with feedback from active personnel to develop SAR 56, which proved itself to be a user-friendly and ergonomic weapon.

The rifle, operated by a short stroke gas piston system, has three different barrel length options: 7.5”, 11” and 14.5”, for close, medium and long ranges respectively. Therefore, the rifle is a versatile system, able to carry out a wide range of missions. Sarsılmaz already started mass production of its SAR 56 and even delivered it to various end users.

The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC.

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