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Sarsılmaz is Ready to Demonstrate their “Vision 2023” in IDEF

by Can Kılınç

Sarsılmaz continues to deliver weapons that offer solutions for the needs the end-user ever could need with its R&D capabilities. The company, with around 150 years of history, designs weapons that do not yield, even under the toughest of conditions, by combining its engineering capabilities and its experience. Sarsılmaz is looking forward to exhibiting their vast range of products consisting of handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and machine guns.

SAR 56: Combining Reliability and Comfort

SAR 56 was developed with the needs of the personnel in mind, especially those serving in tough conditions, and comes equipped with various ergonomic features including a 5-position cheek rest buttstock, a long, detachable handguard, and an ergonomically angled forward grip. The weapon is also using a short-stroke gas piston system as it requires high reliability in tough environmental conditions, giving the rifle a controllable recoil even in full-automatic fire along with low maintenance requirements.

Sarsılmaz is hard at work in the assault rifle market, developing many models. As the company continues with the production of its indigenous product, the SAR 223 assault rifle, it is also involved in the mass production of Turkey’s indigenous assault rifle – the MPT-76.

Technical Specifications for SAR 56 7,5” / 11” / 14,5” Barrel
Calibre 5.56 x 45 mm
Barrel Length 190 mm / 280 mm / 369 mm
Total Height 270 mm
Magazine Capacity 30 rounds
Case Discharge Right
Firing Modes Semi-Auto and Full-Auto
Maximum Length 670 mm / 810 mm / 890 mm
Trigger Pull Force 20 – 30 N / 25-40 N / 20-30 N
Rate of Fire 750-950 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 700 m/s – 850 m/s – 875 m/s
Type of Rifling 6, Twisted to the Right

User Friendly and Comfortable

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 56 by blending the experience it has gained in assault rifles with feedback received from users in the field, and this has led to the creation of a highly user- friendly and ergonomic weapon. The outstanding ergonomic features of the SAR 56 are as follows:

  • 5-position cheek rest buttstock
  • Long and detachable handguard
  • Ergonomically angled forward grip
  • Trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged at any time
  • Double-sided latch group suitable for tactical use
  • Polymer ejection port dust cover
  • Ergonomic strap link ring
  • Magazine with indicator

SAR 127 MT AIR: Sarsılmaz’s Latest Offering for Air Platforms

Sarsılmaz added SAR 127 MT AIR heavy machine gun, developed specifically for air platforms, to its already extensive heavy machine gun line-up. As with the base model SAR 127 MT, it chambers the 12.7x99mm round, but with a higher rate of fire and reduced weight. SAR 127 MT AIR is expected to be integrated into HÜRKUŞ-C close air support aircraft in a gun pod by TR MEKATRONİK, a subsidiary of Sarsılmaz.

If a system is to be used in air platforms, it is crucial for that system to be as lightweight as possible, as the platform will have weight constraints of its own. In addition to being lightweight, a high rate of fire is also a prized feature for machine guns in air platforms, as the engagement window is rather short for air platforms, though that window is obviously affected by the velocities involved. As such, the air platform should be able to fire as many rounds as possible downrange to achieve effective fire on its target.

SAR 127 MT AIR was designed with these criteria in mind, weighing 33 kg and firing 900–1,000 rounds per minute. Compared to SAR 127 MT, the weapon is 5.1 kg lighter with almost twice the fire rate, and as such, an ideal machine gun for air platforms.

Technical Specifications for SAR 127 MT
Calibre 12.7 x 99 mm (.50 QCB)
Barrel Length 1,143 mm
Total Height 190 mm
Magazine Capacity Belt-Fed
Case Discharge Alt
Firing Modes Full-Auto
Maximum Length 1,655 mm
Rate of Fire 600 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 930 m/s
Type of Rifling 8, Twisted to the Right

SAR 127 MT: Last Word in Combat

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 127 MT AIR based on SAR 127 MT machine gun. The company developed SAR 127 MT as a part of the PMT 12.7 × 99 mm project it signed with the Defence Industry Agency (SSB).

SAR 127 MT provides effective firepower to units in the battlefield, able to fire both in semi-automatic and automatic modes. The weapon has an omnidirectional belt feed system, able to feed from both right and left, and as such it can easily adapt to field conditions or various remote-controlled weapon systems (RCWS). The machine gun can also be mounted on vehicles with some interfacing effort. SAR 127 MT weighs 38 kg, and has an effective range against zone targets of 1,830 metres, while its maximum range is around 6,700 metres. The machine gun is air-cooled with a quick-change barrel (QCB) feature. Thus, in situations where the weapon needs to be fired continuously, such as in battles requiring intense suppressive fire, the machine gunner can quickly and safely replace the heated barrel with a spare one, giving its user the ability to continue fighting without any serious downtime.

Sarsılmaz officials highlight the fact that SAR 127 MT can penetrate a vehicle’s engine block from 1,800 metres, provided it is using steel core ammunition.

MPT-76 SH: Türkiye’s National Assault Rifle

Sarsılmaz is among the few producers of MPT-76 assault rifle as a part of the National Assault Rifle Project, and the company lightened the firearm through the efforts of its engineers and technicians by 470 grams, making MPT-76 SH version. The rifle uses NATO standard 7.62 × 51 mm round and has a 20-round magazine. MPT-76 SH, with its 700 rounds per minute fire rate and 800 m/s muzzle velocity, can achieve an effective range of 600 metres. Thanks to its modular Picatinny rail stock, it can be upgraded with all kinds of accessories. The MPT-76 SH rifles produced by Sarsılmaz are being used by TAF and TNP, serving the forces reliably.

Technical Specifications for MPT 76 SH
Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm
Barrel Length 406 mm
Total Height 213 mm
Magazine Capacity 20 rounds
Case Discharge Right
Firing Modes Semi-Auto and Full-Auto
Maximum Length 990 mm
Trigger Pull Force 20 – 30 N
Rate of Fire 700 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 800 m/s
Type of Rifling 6, Twisted to the Right

SAR 9 METE: Pistol for TAF and TNP

Sarsılmaz designed SAR 9 METE for Türkiye’s Indigenous Authentic Domestic Pistol Project that was commenced by SSB. During the design process, various features of SAR 9 were made compatible with the requirements of the project.

SAR 9 METE is a new generation polymer frame pistol, weighing only 750 grams. The pistol’s barrel and slide are made of forged alloy steel, and the pistol offers changeable grip covers in three different sizes. SAR 9 METE has a fixed optical rear sight and with its trigger and firing pin safety, along with an optional safety lever, provides the user with a safe, secure pistol. The pistol also has Picatinny rails for mounting accessories. The pistol has two different versions for Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police (TNP). The TAF version has the safety lever, while the TNP version does not. Sarsılmaz delivered around 200,000 SAR 9 METE pistols to these users.

SAR 9 SP: Developed for Special Operations

The SAR 9 SP, one of the newest members of the SAR 9 family, comes with a series of important features for special task forces. The first of these is the suppressor connector at the muzzle of the pistol. In addition, the iron sights on the pistol are elevated, ensuring its users can aim easily with a suppressor, a red-dot, or both mounted on the pistol. The tritium markings on the iron sights make it easy to create the correct sight picture even in inadequate light conditions. SAR 9 SP is also equipped with a lanyard ring and has a magwell. The cooling cuts on the slide of the SAR 9 SP allow the barrel to cool faster, especially after consecutive shots. Furthermore, the striker set indicator on the trigger informs the shooter whether the gun is ready to shoot. Finally, the Cerakote brand special ceramic coating on the pistol prevents it from wear and tear, protecting it from elements such as temperature, humidity, and sun rays.

Technical Specifications for SAR9 SP
Calibre 9 x 19 mm
Trigger System Single-action
Magazine Capacity 17 rounds
Barrel Length 129 mm (5,0”)
Total Length 216 mm (8,5”)
Total Height 145 mm (5,7”)
Total Width 37 mm (1,4”)
Weight 825 g (29,1 oz)

SAR 15T: A Turkish Take on AK-47

SAR 15T (SAR 47) is the modernised version of the ubiquitous AK-47 platform, produced 100 percent domestically and able to mount accessories on its Picatinny rails. The rifle offers a much more modern look with its stock and steel-reinforced durable polymer magazine, and it is much lighter than its counterparts. Turkish Armed Forces is an active user of this rifle.

Technical Specifications for SAR 15T
Calibre 7.62 x 39 mm
Barrel Length 410 mm
Total Height 258 mm
Magazine Capacity 30 rounds
Case Discharge Right
Firing Modes Semi-Auto and Full-Auto
Maximum Length 967 mm
Trigger Pull Force 25 – 40 N
Rate of Fire 650 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 680 m/s
Type of Rifling 4, Twisted to the Right

SAR 109T: Choice for Close Combat

SAR 109T submachine gun draws attention with its effectiveness, ease of use, high rate of fire, and its light weight. Indigenously developed by Sarsılmaz to meet the tactical needs of close-quarters combat, SAR 109T allows easy mounting of a wide range of accessories with its modular structure. Any accessory with a NATO standard mounting mechanism can be attached to the Picatinny rails of the gun.

SAR 109T uses a blowback operating principle and shoots the NATO standard 9 × 19 mm round. The submachine gun has a fire rate of 900 rounds per minute and a barrel length of 220 mm. SAR 109T weighs 3,032 grams with a fully loaded 30-round magazine. Lately, the firearm gained a new look with polymer rail covers enabling an easier grip and a modern tactical stock. The firearm is actively used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG) and Turkish National Police (TNP). The submachine gun also has a version with a carrying handle and another version designed for civilian use.

Technical Specifications for SAR 109T
Calibre 9 x 19 mm
Barrel Length 220 mm
Total Height 275 – 277 mm.
Magazine Capacity 30 rounds
Case Discharge Right
Firing Modes Semi-Auto and Full-Auto
Maximum Length 705 mm
Trigger Pull Force 25 N
Rate of Fire 900 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 396 m/s
Type of Rifling 6, Twisted to the Right

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