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Close and Mid Range Weapons Complementing Each Other from Sarsılmaz: SAR 109T and SAR 56

by MSI

The product range of the Turkish weapon manufacturer Sarsılmaz compromises firearms that can meet all the needs of the security forces. SAR 109T Sub Machine gun with 9×19 mm calibre, developed for close range and 5,56×45 mm SAR 56, designed as a mid-range weapon are virtually complementing each other in critical missions. Each of these weapons have versions with different technical specifications meeting a wide range of requirements of the users.

Agile Weapon for the Urban Warfare: SAR 109T

SAR 109T (below) and SAR 109C (above) developed for civilian use with its single shot feature.

Genuinely developed to meet the tactical needs of close-quarters combat, SAR 109T allows easy mounting of a wide range of accessories with its modular structure.  Any accessory with a NATO standard mounting mechanism, can be attached on the Picatinny Rails of the gun.

Sarsılmaz sub-machine guns and assault rifles are complementing each other in urban warfare.

As a system of operation, SAR 109T is operating with blowback mechanism and fires the standard 9×19 mm diameter NATO ammunition. The ammunition feed is provided with magazines having the capacity of 10, 20 or 30 bullets and rate of fire is notably high with 900 rounds per minute. Having the barrel length of 220 mm, SAR 109T weighs 3,032 grams with fully loaded magazine having 30 rounds.

SAR 109T fires NATO standard 9x19mm ammunition.

 Renovated with polymer rail covers enabling an easier grip and a modern tactical stock, SAR 109T recently received a new look. This weapon is actively used in the field by Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG) and Turkish National Police (TNP).

Some of the features enhancing the ergonomics of user-friendly SAR 56, can be listed as; supported grip, trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged even when not set up, double sided latch, polymer ejection port dust cover and rounds indicator on the magazine.

Along with its standard version, SAR 109T is also have a version for civilian use and a version with a carrying handle.

Table 1 Technical Specifications of SAR 109T Sub Machine Gun Series

New Sarsılmaz Assault Rifle: SAR 56

SAR 56 versions having the barrel lengths of 7,5” (above), 11” (middle) and 14,5” (below).

Sarsılmaz is actively manufacturing a wide range of assault rifles.  While the company continues to manufacture its authentic product SAR 223 assault rifle, it also plays part in the mass production of Turkey’s indigenous assault rifle MPT-76.

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 56 by blending all their know how in assault rifles with the feedback received from the users in the field.  Thereby a user-friendly and ergonomic weapon is created.

The outstanding ergonomic features of SAR 56, operating with a gas piston drive system are as follows:

  • 5 position, cheek rest butt stock
  • Long and detachable handguard
  • Ergonomic and support-type grip
  • Trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged even when not set up
  • Double sided latch group, suitable for tactical use
  • Polymer ejection port dust cover
  • Ergonomic strap link ring
  • Magazine with indicator
SAR 109T (below) and SAR 109C (above) developed for civilian use with its single shot feature.

Another significant feature of SAR56 is different barrel length options. SAR 56 comes with 7,5”, 11” and 14,5” barrel length options whereby it stands out as a suitable solution to all missions requiring varying ranges from close to long range. Sarsılmaz has now launched the mass production of SAR 56.

Table 2. Technical Specifications of SAR56

A Wider Range of Products

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

Regarding the ongoing projects of pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and machine guns Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz, said: “Sarsılmaz is trying to duly fulfil its duties in every project that Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) has given. In recent years, we have delivered the SAR 9 METE pistol, which has won the pistol development project of SSB in high quantities and we continue to do so.  We are proud of our SAR 9 series and SAR 9X that has been selected as the Best Pistol of the Year in USA consecutively in 2020 and 2021. Due to its effectiveness in urban warfare, our submachine gun SAR 109T is used by TAF, GCG and TNP. We have started to manufacture 4 types of assault rifles in the recent years which are; SAR 56 (5,56×45 mm), SAR 223P (5,56×45 mm), SAR 308 (7,62×39 mm) and MPT-76 (7,62×51 mm). We keep on successfully delivering these assault rifles to the end users. Tasked from SSB, we have developed machine guns with 7,62 mm and 12,7 mm calibres in line with the requirements of our country. Regardless of its difficulty, we are ready to undertake any mission to meet the needs of our country.”

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