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Sarsılmaz Presents New High-Firepower Low-Maintenance Assault Rifle: SAR 223P

by MSI-stajyer

The SAR 223P assault rifle has been developed by Sarsılmaz with its own resources upon a special request from the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), and offers a high rate of fire and maximum endurance under challenging conditions. The Sarsılmaz SAR 223P is the gas piston driven member of the SAR 223 product family, and stands out with its long effective range, and its high firepower and accuracy. NATO standard Picatinny rails allows for the easy adaption of all accessories with standard mounting fittings.

The design of the SAR 223P assault rifle is based on the very first member of the product family, the SAR 223, which was introduced by Sarsılmaz as Turkey’s first indigenous assault rifle, for which the company collaborated with TÜBİTAK, Kocaeli University and Middle East Technical University. The company is the sole developer and financier of the SAR 223P – the gas piston operated version of the 5.56×45 mm SAR 223.

Sarsılmaz has been producing and delivering the light and modular SAR 223P platform for 3 years now, and other versions include the SAR 223T, which operates on a delayed blowback principle, and the semi-automatic SAR 223C, which has been designed for civilian use.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz, described the history of the SAR 223 series of assault rifles: “Our 5.56 x 45 mm SAR 223 product family has been under the spotlight for many years, with the SAR 223 T and SAR 223C in particular becoming firm user favourites in the international markets. In 2018 we added the piston-operating SAR 223P to the product range, completing the series. Through these products, we take part in tenders opened by foreign state agencies, and after these agencies get to know and try our products, we are sometimes given the opportunity to make direct sales, without needing to participate in tenders. There are even times when, , our customers after purchasing and using our products, are so pleased and satisfied with them that we receive additional orders. Our products are also being tested by our own security forces. I’d like to express my pride that in all deliveries of SAR 223P to Turkish security forces, every batch successfully completed the lifecycle tests of 12,000 shots.”

Table 1. Technical Specifications of the SAR 223P Product Family

NATO standard Picatinny rails, allows for the easy mounting of all accessories with standard mounting fittings.
SAR 223P 14.5”-Barrel Model
SAR 223P 14.5”-Barrel Model

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