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Pistols from Sarsılmaz for Missions Requiring Concealed Carry: SAR 9C and SAR 9 SC

by MSI

Sarsılmaz’s SAR 9 product family is very wide, and it naturally includes models to meet every kind of demand from civilian users and security forces. SAR 9C and SAR 9 SC are in compact and sub-compact class, respectively, and they are chosen by people who wish to carry their pistols concealed. Compared to full size pistols, these weapons are smaller, and they have differing features in line with their usage cases.

SAR 9 SC (left) and SAR 9C (right)

SAR 9C and SAR 9 SC are pistols that can be easily concealed carried with their small sizes. With this feature alone, they are ideal pistols for secret missions executed by security and armed forces. In addition, they are chosen as a back-up pistol by personnel who already carry a full-sized pistol as their main weapon. Both pistols have great potential in markets like the USA, where civilians use pistols commonly and where the pistols are concealed carried for this reason.

SAR 9C: Tactical Accessories Are an Option

SAR 9C, like its namesake SAR 9, is 37 mm wide. However, as the pistol is designed to be in compact class, it has a shorter grip and barrel, and is lighter as well. The pistol has a capacity of 15 rounds; however, it does not have a safety catch. On the other hand, its slide catch can be dropped easier compared to the base model.

One of the most important features of the pistol is its standard picatinny rail under the barrel even though the pistol is in the compact class. As such, tactical flashlights and other accessories with standard interfaces can be easily attached to the pistol.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board at Sarsılmaz

SAR 9 SC: Take No Chances for Secrecy

As for SAR 9SC, the pistol is merely 27 mm wide, and is even shorter in both length and height, making the pistol the smallest of SAR 9 family. However, even with its miniature size, the pistol still carries 12 rounds and has a fibre optic sight that can be effectively used in low light conditions.

The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC has a capacity for 12 rounds and an 85 mm long barrel.

SAR 9: Wide Product Family

SAR 9 pistol family is comprised of different models, each developed for its own usage case. The pistols have features in common, however: they are striker-fired, single action pistols that chamber 9x19mm rounds and they all have a polymer body, with their barrels and slides built out of forged alloy steel. Their grips have changeable covers, ranging from small to large and they are fed from double-stack detachable box magazines.

In addition, all models come with firing pin and trigger safeties. Firing pin safety makes it impossible to have a dropped pistol fire even if it is fully cocked and ready to fire, while the trigger safety does not let the trigger move unless the small latch on the trigger is pressed.

A common feature of the SAR 9 family is the picatinny rail found on all models other than SAR 9 SC. Standard accessories can be fitted thanks to this interface.

SAR 9 SC comes with fibre-optic sights.

Table 1. Technical Specifications for SAR 9C and SAR 9 SC

Model SAR 9C SAR 9 SC
Calibre 9×19 mm 9×19 mm
Trigger System Single Action
Body Material Polymer
Barrel and Slide Material Forged Alloy Steel
Barrel Length 103 mm 85 mm
Overall Length 183 mm 165 mm
Overall Height 130 mm 122 mm
Overall Width 37 mm 27 mm
Weight 760 gr 630 gr
Magazine Capacity 15+1 12+1
Sarsılmaz developed SAR 9 SC for security forces executing special missions and for those who want to carry their pistols concealed.

Sarsılmaz, Versatile in Meeting Demands

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz explained the design philosophy behind these pistols as follows: “As Sarsılmaz, we have been a company that brings innovation to the table. From the first day we launched SAR 9, we manufactured more than 500,000 of them and perhaps, these were fired millions of times. As we continued producing this model, we also thought about how to meet various needs of our customers. We have observed our security forces need special pistols to help with executing secret and undercover missions. Sometimes, our security forces need to wear civilian clothes and concealed carry a pistol in these kinds of missions, and sometimes they require tactical accessories, and sometimes having a hidden pistol is simply the most important trump card. We developed SAR 9C and SAR 9 SC with these two mission profiles in mind. The pistols can be easily carried concealed under normal clothes while providing effective firepower to the user when needed. We will be developing new models and integrate new features to our current offerings as time passes.”

SAR 9C has a 15 round magazine.
A defining feature of SAR 9C has is its standard picatinny rail under the barrel even though the pistol is in the compact class.
As with SAR 9 SC, SAR 9C has two colour options: “Stainless Matte” and “Black”.

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