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New Pistols from Sarsılmaz: SAR9 Gen 2 for Innovation, SAR 9 SC for Concealed Carry

by Aybars Meric

Sarsılmaz holds the demand and feedback from end-users in high regard and updates its existing products and develops new ones in line with said feedback. SAR 9 SC and SAR9 Gen2 are both the results of the company’s R&D efforts in this regard. SAR 9 SC is in the sub-compact class, able to be easily carried when concealed, and SAR9 Gen2 is an all-around improvement to the base model, including a lightened trigger, a slide compatible with optical sights and a more ergonomic build that differentiates it from its competitors.

SAR 9 SC: Smallest Member of the Family

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 9 SC model to be used in secret missions by the security forces. The pistol is in sub-compact class by its size, giving its user an easier time to carry and conceal. It can be used as a secondary pistol with its compact size. With that in mind, it has the potential to achieve significant success in markets such as USA, where pistol usage by civilians is commonplace. The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC has a capacity of 12 rounds and a barrel length of 85 mm. In addition, SAR 9 SC has most of the standard features that comes in SAR 9 product family.

SAR 9 SC (left) and SAR9 Gen2 (right)

Sarsılmaz’s SAR9 Gen2: Closer to Perfection

Sarsılmaz, with its new SAR9 Gen2 model, demonstrated its latest capabilities and experience in the field of semi-auto pistols. Gen2 version comes with various improvements to its namesake and first model of the series, SAR 9. For example, the new model includes a lightened trigger for more precise fire, a socket for red-dot and similar sights built onto the slide, and a newer, more ergonomic, and pleasant design that includes an indent cover that can be installed and uninstalled at will. Sarsılmaz has launched this model recently, which chambers 9x19mm rounds.

Optical Sights Are an Alternative

One of the biggest improvements in Gen2 is the sight bracket designed to be compatible with optical sights for faster aiming. On the slide, right in front of the rear sight, a small indent exists under a small cover. If desired, this cover can be removed, and an optical (holographic, red-dot or reflex) sight can be fitted on the weapon with the help of this indent. For using the classical iron sight experience, on the other hand, the user needs to put the cover back on before firing.

Sarsılmaz picked this sight design to have the optical sight as close as possible to the bore axis, both improving firing comfort and reducing recoil.

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

Ergonomics and Aesthetics Combined

The grooves on the slide were redesigned in Gen2 model in a new form, to be more ergonomic. The new look of the grooves improved on the aesthetics of the pistol and impressed users and anyone who laid eyes on the pistol.

The floorplate of the magazine was also redesigned in the Gen2 model, and a new, high-capacity magazine was produced for it as well. Said magazine has a capacity of 19 rounds and meshes well with the outline of the gun. It looks like a natural extension of the grip and provides the user with a more ergonomic experience with its flowing form. The pistol is being sold with 2 more magazines, both having a 17-round capacity.

Light Trigger, Precise Fire

SAR 9 was developed with “Turkey’s Authentic Domestic Pistol Project” greenlit by the Presidency of Defence Industries, and the new Gen2 model has a much lighter trigger pull, requiring only 1.6 kilogrammes of force compared to the original model’s 2.5. This new trigger gives the user the ability to fire much more precisely and made from durable 7075 T6-series aluminium that is also used in the aviation industry. Furthermore, the trigger was designed to be straight rather than curved and red in colour as the users demanded.

The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC has a barrel length of 85mm and a capacity of 12 rounds.

Limited Edition Version for Launch in Turquoise Case

Sarsılmaz is offering SAR9 Gen2 model with special serial numbers and a turquoise-coloured case during the launch period. The special case contains:

  • One SAR9 Gen2 pistol
  • One ergonomic magazine with 19-round capacity
  • Two standard magazines with 17-round capacity
  • One optical sight
  • One flashlight and batteries
  • One Kydex holster
  • One maintenance kit
  • One Handloading device
  • Three grip panels sized small, medium, and large
  • One user guide and maintenance manual
SAR 9 SC is designed to be carried concealed.

SAR 9: An Expansive Product Family

SAR 9 series is an expansive product family that is able to cover a variety of roles and demands. The pistol family is comprised of different models, each developed for its own usage case. The pistols have features in common, however: they are striker-fired, single action pistols that chamber 9x19mm round and they all have a polymer body, with their barrels and slides built out of forged alloy steel. Their grips have changeable covers, ranging from small to large. All models are equipped with a firing pin and trigger safety as well. Apart from SAR 9 SC, all models also have picatinny rails for optional equipment.

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 9 SC for those who want to carry their pistols concealed.

Table 1. Technical Specifications for SAR9 Gen2 and SAR 9 SC

Model SAR9 Gen2 SAR 9 SC
Calibre 9×19 mm 9×19 mm
Trigger System Single Action
Body Material Polymer
Barrel and Slide Material Forged Alloy Steel
Barrel Length 113 mm 85 mm
Overall Length 193 mm 165 mm
Overall Height 158 mm 122 mm
Overall Width 37 mm 27 mm
Weight 830 gr 630 gr
Magazine Capacity 17+1 / 19+1 12+1
Sarsılmaz took its first steps in sub-compact semi-automatic pistol market with SAR 9 SC.

Sarsılmaz, Vanguard in Innovation

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz explained the design philosophy behind Gen2 as follows: “As Sarsılmaz, we have been a company that brings innovation to the table. From the first day we launched SAR 9, we manufactured more than 500,000 of them and perhaps, these were fired millions of times. With the appreciation from our customers, we were even more encouraged to come up with ways to improve this model. SAR9 Gen2 came from this process, and we will be improving our current line-up with new features and develop new models as time passes. In addition, we observed that security units that execute special missions need a pistol for said missions, something they can easily conceal carry under civilian clothes. We developed SAR 9 SC for this need precisely. The pistol can easily be carried under normal clothing and offers the user effective firepower when needed. We will be developing new models and integrate new features to our current offerings as time passes.”

SAR9 Gen2 is chambered for 9×19 mm ammunition.
SAR9 Gen2 is an all-around improvement to its namesake, standard SAR 9.
On the slide of SAR9 Gen2, right in front of the rear sight, a small indent exists under a small cover. If desired, this cover can be removed, and an optical (holographic, red-dot or reflex) sight can be fitted on the weapon with the help of this indent.
SAR9 Gen2 can mount optical sights and tactical flashlights.

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