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Sarsılmaz Targets the Delivery of Machine Guns from Serial Production this Year

by MSI

Among the different items in its broad product range, the focus of Sarsılmaz’s participation at the event are its recently developed SAR 127 MT and SAR 762 MT machine guns. The weapons with calibres of 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm respectively, have been developed to meet the needs of local users as part of contracts awarded by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). Capable of being belt-fed from either side, the machine guns are also suitable for integration into remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS). Both machine guns feature barrel that can be changed rapidly during long firefights.

The SAR 762 MT comes in three different models: model A, designed for RCWSs such as SARP or STAMP; model B, developed for infantry use; and model C, designed as a co-axial weapon for integration onto main battle tanks (MBTs). The weapons’ bodies have a lifespan of 44,000 shots while the barrels have a 22,000-shot lifespan.  With an average weight of 12 kilograms, it can operate within a temperature range of -52 to +72˚C. The effective and maximum ranges of the SAR 762 MT, against area targets on a bipod, are 800 and 3,275 meters, respectively.

Capable of automatic and single-shot fire, the SAR 127 MT has a maximum range of 6,764 meters, and Sarsilmaz executives emphasis that a steel-core munition fired from a SAR 127 MT from a distance of 1,800 meters can pierce a vehicle’s engine block.

SAR 762 MT mm machine gun
SAR 127 MT mm machine gun

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz, underlined that Sarsılmaz will carry on R&D projects and development of new products without loss of momentum. Speaking about its participation at the event, he said: “The international market continues to be among our priorities. We are thus taking part in SAHA EXPO as a means of maintaining our contact with our export markets during the ongoing pandemic, which has restricted our operations severely, and to showcase all our products, including those we have recently developed. The high number of visitors to our stands has always been a source of pride and satisfaction for us, at all of the exhibitions that we have attended, and we have attracted a significant number of visitors also at this event. We are delighted to have received visitors from many different countries, including our current markets, but also from other markets, adding to the high number.”

Sarsılmaz’s stand features different SAR 9 handgun models, featuring a polymer body.
Sarsılmaz has developed the K12 SPORT X model for competitive shooters.

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