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Sarsılmaz Transforms the 7.62 mm National Machine Gun to a Product Family with 5 Different SAR 762 MT Models, All Fully Qualified

by Can Kılınç

Machine guns have a crucial place in warfare history as they changed infantry warfare completely. In today’s world, machine guns are the primary weapon of all combat platforms and the importance of machine guns increases day by day. Sarsılmaz completed the R&D, qualification, and production of 7.62 mm national machine gun in various versions aimed at different usage cases successfully, and delivers the machine guns into service at the highest quantities. The company also offers the members of SAR 762 MT family to allied and friendly countries as well.

Machine guns made history with their appearance in the First World War, condemning the armies to trench warfare with their unmatched firepower. Second World War, Cold War period, and all the symmetric and asymmetric warfare that has taken place during those periods increased the need for machine guns. Apart from the need for co-axial machine guns for all kinds of armoured vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles, machine guns also have been the primary choice for unmanned ground vehicles under development as well. Machine guns have been the most well-understood, practical, and reliable solution to create firepower superiority.

Sarsılmaz set out to produce every kind of firearm a military unit needs, and developed the SAR 762 MT product family to meet the 7.62 mm machine gun demands of armed forces and security forces. Sarsılmaz commenced its efforts as a part of the PMT 7.62×51 project signed with the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and conceptualised the firearm to respond all the current and future needs of the battlefield. SAR 762 MT uses the 7.62 mm NATO standard ammunition and currently has 5 different versions.

SAR 762 MT was developed with a modular design philosophy and consisted of 9 assemblies (functional groups).

SAR 762 MT: Its Design Principles and Fundamental Features

SAR 762 MT is designed to use M80, the standard 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ammunition. The firearm can utilise steel-core M61, tracer M62, and manoeuvre ammunition as well, on M13 disintegrating belts that are used in many NATO countries as standard.

All versions of the SAR 762 MT have a body rated for at least 50,000 shots. The barrels have at least 25,000 round life cycle as well. The machine gun can operate between -52 to +72°C. The air-cooled barrel of the firearm is produced with cold-forged steel and chrome coating technologies and offer a much longer life cycle than its competitors. SAR 762 MT has a quick-change barrel (QCB) feature, making high firepower available to the user, with multiple barrels.
SAR 762 MT locks open-bolt after it fires its last shot. The effective range of the SAR 762 MT is 800 metres for point targets and 1,100 metres for area targets. The machine gun’s terminal effect is preserved until 1,800 metres for plunging fire, with a maximum range of 3,725 metres. The average weight of the gun’s different models is 12 kg.

A Machine Gun Family with Modular Design

SAR 762 MT was developed with a modular design philosophy to respond to all current and future 7.62 mm machine gun needs, and consists of 9 assemblies (functional groups):

  1. Body assembly
  2. Barrel assembly
  3. Firing mechanism assembly
  4. Top slide assembly
  5. Trigger assembly
  6. Return spring assembly
  7. Stock assembly
  8. Bipod assembly
  9. Accessory assembly

As such, the required assembly can be customised in line with user demands. Since the firearm is designed to utilise as many common parts as possible during this process, it offers advantages like cost and logistic simplification to the end user. Thus, SAR 762 MT offers the maximum user satisfaction.
Thanks to its Picatinny rail on the top slide assembly, SAR 762 MT allows every kind of optic to be mounted, and its precise production ensures the line of sight does not move at all when changing belts. In addition, the machine gun comes with more Picatinny rails on both sides of the body, for accessories that should be mounted away from the sights, allowing great flexibility.

SAR 762 MT passed the toughest tests.

Technical Specifications of SAR 762 MT Product Family

Ammunition 7.62×51 mm
Twist Rate, Type and Number of Rifling 1/12”- 4, Twisted to the Right
Operating system Open mechanism / gas piston
Belt Type M13 Belt
Dispersion -From 100 metres, 10-round burst: Maximum 150 mm dispersion for 9 rounds -From 300 metres, 10-round burst: Maximum 600 mm dispersion for 9 rounds -From 500 metres, 10-round burst: Maximum 1,000 mm dispersion for 9 rounds  
Maximum temperature Able to operate at +72±2 °C
Minimum temperature Able to operate at -52±2 °C
High Pressure The firearm can operate with a high-pressure cartridge without any cracking or breaking
Belt Pull Force 5,500 ±20 g
Weight (With / Without Accessories) 12.250±150 g / 10.950±150 g (SAR 762 MT-D Version)
Muzzle Rise Force 2,75 kN ±0,5 kN
Recoil Force 65 N ±15 N
Muzzle Velocity 850±30 m/s
Trigger Pull Force 195 N ±20 N
Effective Range-Maximum Range 800-3,725 metres
Plunging Fire Weapon aimed upwards/downwards 80-85 °

SAR 762 MT Passed the Toughest Tests Possible

Sarsılmaz tested the members of SAR 762 MT product family with the toughest tests possible, to ensure reliable and stable functioning of its firearms. SAR 762 MT passed the tests in line with TOP 3-2-045 standards with flying colours. Some of these tests can be listed as follows:

  1. Initial Inspection
  2. Cook-Off Test
  3. Parts Interchange Test
  4. Reliability and Durability Test
  5. Accuracy, Dispersion, and Effective Range Test
  6. High Temperature Test
  7. Low Temperature Test
  8. Mud Test
  9. Drop Test
  10. Attitudes Test
  11. Salt Fog Test
  12. Fouling Test
  13. Dynamic Sand and Dust Test
  14. Icing Test
  15. Water Spray (Rain) Test
  16. Logistics Supportability Test
  17. Belt Pull Capacity Test
  18. Solar Radiation Test
  19. Chemical Compatibility Test
  20. Accidental Discharge Test

Differences Between SAR 762 MT Models

Version A B C D E
Short Buffer Assembly X X
Stock Assembly X X X
Single-Position Gas Valve ( * ) X
Three-Position Gas Valve ( ** ) X X X X
A-Type Flash Suppressor X X
B-Type Flash Suppressor X X X
Rear Sight Assembly X X X X
Front Sight Assembly X X X X
Barrel Carrying Handle X X X
Barrel Lock X X
Top Front Stock X X
Bottom Front Stock X X
Bipod X X
Weight 10.750(±150 g) 12,250 (±150 g) 11,800  (±150 g) 12,250 (±150 g) 11,000 (±150 g)

5 Different Variants of SAR 762 MT

SAR 762 MT has 5 different variants. Of these, SAR 762 MT-A is used in remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). SAR 762 MT-B model was developed for infantry use and can be fired from both a bipod and a tripod. SAR 762 MT-C is aimed to be used in EJDER YALÇIN, AMAZON, KOBRA, KİRPİ, and VURAN land platforms as a co-axial machine gun. Having very similar features to the SAR 762 MT-B, the SAR 762 MT-D’s rate of fire can be changed thanks to its 3-position gas valve. the SAR 762 MT-E is made for naval platforms, built to last against seaborne corrosion.

SAR 762 MT-A is an ideal solution for remote-controlled weapon stations and unmanned ground vehicles.

Long-Awaited Version of SAR 762 MT

Sarsılmaz made the first delivery of 7.62 mm SAR 762 MT-A machine guns to General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG) on 22 June 2021. This variant was developed for mounts on top of vehicles, and it was integrated into a RCWS on a 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle. The project for this firearm was started with “PMT (National Machine Gun for Platforms) 7.62×51 Project” official development project. Thus, it was not a surprise to see it procured for integration into weapon turrets.

Since the battlefield conditions may mean maintenance can be few and far between, SAR 762 MT-A was designed to increase the power sent to the firing mechanism of the firearm to eliminate potential jams caused by fouling, and as such it uses a 3-position gas valve and a short buffer assembly. This version does not have any accessories other than a flash suppressor, and iron sight assemblies.

SAR 762 MT-B was developed to replace older machine guns in infantry units.

SAR 762 MT-B: Built for Infantry

The SAR 762 MT-B version is designed to be used by infantry on foot or on a vehicle. This model has a single-position gas valve. The stock assembly has a hydraulic dampener to reduce the recoil and thus, ensure the infantryman does not need to correct his aim constantly. This version utilises a bipod to offer ease of use in field conditions, along with effective aim capabilities. It is expected the older machine guns in infantry units will be replaced with SAR 762 MT-B.

SAR 762 MT-C will be used as a co-axial gun

SAR 762 MT-C: Co-Axial Machine Gun for ALTAY Tank

The SAR 762 MT-C version is built to be used in vehicles, especially in main battle tanks. This model is differentiated from others with its short buffer assembly, 3-position gas valve, solenoid-actuated trigger mechanism, and the steel cord replacing the cocking handle to activate the solenoid. As this model is built to use within vehicles, it does not have any accessories other than the flash suppressor. The machine gun awaits service, to be used in many other armoured vehicles as well.

SAR 762 MT-D was developed to be the reference model.

SAR 762 MT-D: The Reference Version of the Family
The SAR 762 MT-D version was the first machine guns Sarsılmaz delivered, with a batch of 100. This version is designed for both infantry and vehicle use. SAR 762 MT-D is considered as the reference model with its adjustable gas valve. Like the B model, this version also has a hydraulic dampener in the stock to reduce recoil and the standard bipod allows the infantryman using it to aim easily.
Sarsılmaz determined this version to be the reference model 7.62 mm machine gun in the R&D process, and designed it for both infantry and vehicle use. With its versatility, it can address the needs of all armed forces around the world.

SAR 762 MT-E was produced with cerakote coating to serve in naval platforms.

SAR 762 MT-E: Designed for Naval Operations
This model uses a cerakote coating, resistant against wear and tear in salty and humid environments, and the coating even allows for different colour options. SAR 762 MT-E still has the 3-position gas valve, and does not have any accessories other than flash suppressor, and back and front sights.
Even though its hydraulic dampener equipped stock allows it to be used by a single soldier, it does not have a bipod. Rather, it can be integrated on various mounts used in naval platforms.

All versions of the SAR 762 MT have a body rated for at least 50,000 shots, while the barrels have at least a 25,000 round life cycle.

SAR 762 MT: The Most Numerous Machine Gun Family in Service
SAR 762 MT machine gun family is the first national and domestic 7.62 mm machine gun family that is fully qualified regarding all its 5 versions. The machine gun has entered service in the Turkish Special Forces Command, as well as Turkish Armed Forces and security forces. The machine gun was designed to have a modular design philosophy, able to be adapted to various needs. As such, the family may have more members, beyond the existing 5 as of now. Sarsılmaz also highlights the fact that it has created a machine gun that is ready to meet the demands of not just Turkish Armed Forces, but also all allied and friendly armies as well.

SAR 762 MT family offers sustainable firepower even in the toughest conditions. The machine guns feel the limelight in every single event they participate in, as a product of Sarsılmaz’s superior firearms technology that prepares them to future and beyond.

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