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Sarsılmaz’s Indigenous Machine Guns Enter the Testing Phase

by MSI
Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

Sarsılmaz has provided an update of its continuing works on the indigenous development of different calibre machine guns and shared new information on its 7.62×51 mm SAR 240 and 12.7×99 mm SAR 127 machine guns. Sarsılmaz, which quickly produced the first prototypes of the weapons as a result of its R&D studies, has now entered the testing phase, and is now accelerating the works on the infrastructure that will be required for the serial production of the guns.

SAR 240 Machine Gun

The SAR 240 comes in three different models. The SAR 240A is designed for use in remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). The SAR 240B, developed for infantry use, can be fired either from a bipod or a tripod. The SAR 240C has been designed to be the ALTAY Main Battle Tank’s, co-axial machine gun. The body of each of the SAR 240 models is designed to fire at least 50,000 rounds, while the lifetime of the barrel is at least 25,000 rounds. The gun can operate at temperatures between of -52 ˚C and +72 ˚C. The effective range of the machine gun is 1,200 metres for area targets while the maximum range is 3,725 metres. The average weight of the three models is 12 kilograms.

SAR 240

SAR 127 to Get the Final Say

The SAR 127 heavy machine gun, which will provide significant fire support in combat situations, is a selective -fire weapon and can both operate fully automatically or semi automatically.

The SAR 127, like the SAR 240A, can be integrated into RCWS, and can also be mounted on land, naval and aerial vehicles after the necessary interface connections have been made. The weapon, weighing around 38 kilograms, has an effective range of 1,830 metres for area targets and a maximum range of 6,764 metres.

Uninterrupted Fire with Quick Change Barrel

Both of the fully automatic weapons are fed with an ammunition belt. As the ammunition belt can be fed from either the right or left, the guns can be easily integrated to the existing structure of an RCWS.

These air-cooled guns feature a quick change barrel (QCB), which allows the gunner to replace an overheating barrel with a spare in a fast and safe manner when uninterrupted fire is required, such as in combat situations requiring sustained cover fire. In this way, guns can continue to serve in the combat arena with no compromise to firepower.

Prototypes Produced in a Year

Sarsılmaz started working on the SAR 240 as part of the PMT 7.62 Project, for which a contract was signed with the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on 10 December, 2018. The first stage in the project was to carry out a study of equivalent guns of the same calibre. In the following stage, the design process was initiated. Sarsılmaz created product trees of the parts to be produced, and completed the related design works in a short time. Shaped with the help of computer-aided programmes and laser scanners, the design was verified via simulation programmes and the prototype parts were produced. Design verification tests commenced with 25 prototype rifles, which were produced in less than a year.

Sarsılmaz exhibited the first examples of its machine guns at IDEF’19.

Sarsılmaz started developing the SAR 127 heavy machine gun as part of the PMT 12.7 Project, for which a contract was signed on 25 April, 2019. Based on the experience gained with the SAR 240, the company followed a similar process in this project, beginning with an assessment of similar guns on the market as a first step. Under the project, which was conducted in line with the development works for the SAR 240, Sarsılmaz completed the design process and verified its designs via simulation studies. As a relatively high calibre gun, the entry of the 12.7×99 mm SAR 127 into the product range of Sarsılmaz for the first time necessitated considerable new investments. Having completed these investments, the company renewed its machinery and production line, and launched prototype manufacture.

Infrastructure for Serial Production Being Established

Although Sarsılmaz has produced prototypes of both guns and has reached the testing phase, it had to suspend its tests temporarily as part of the measures taken against Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has affected the whole world. Currently, the company is focused on strengthening its serial production infrastructure, ensuring excellence in its manufacturing processes and enhancing its capacity.

SAR 127

Sharing his views on the issue with MSI TDR, Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz, said: “Sarsılmaz has always endeavoured to do its best in every project that it has been awarded by the SSB. We are continuing deliveries of large numbers of our SAR9 METE pistol, which came first in the pistol project of the SSB. Our SAR109T submachine gun has already gained popularity among the Turkish National Police and the General Command of Gendarmerie as it is an effective urban warfare weapon. In recent years, we have also launched production of three different types of assault rifles, namely, the SAR223 P (5.56×45 mm), SAR308 (7.62×39 mm) and MPT76 (7.62×51 mm), of which deliveries are continuing according to schedule. Our latest task is to develop 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns in accordance with the requirements of our country, and we have made a rapid start in these two projects, fulfilling all the necessary requirements within the scope of these new projects, and completing the necessary investments into the production line.”

Speaking about the COVID-19 outbreak and its effect on all sectors including defence and aerospace, Aliş said: “During this outbreak we are going through, the Sarsılmaz family is taking all the necessary precautions, and is trying to minimise the adverse impact. To this end, we have adopted a partial and controlled working style, which allows us to continue with our in-plant tests and part production activities. We are also strengthening our infrastructure in preparation for the serial production of our rifles. All of these activities show, once again, how committed we are to supporting our state under all circumstances.”

Table 1. Technical Specifications of SAR 240 and SAR 127 Machine Guns

  SAR 240 SAR 127
Calibre (mm) 7.62×51 12.7×99
Mode of operation Fully automatic Fully automatic, semi automatic
Length (mm) 1,200 1,655
Barrel length (mm) 547 1,143
Height (mm) 250 190
Working principle Open position mechanism / gas operated Short recoil operated
Feed type Ammunition belt Ammunition belt
Feed direction Right or left Right or left
Empty shell discharge From below From below
Gun weight (excluding accessories, grams) 12,000 38,000
Barrel weight (grams) 11,800
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 850 930
Rate of fire per minute 650–950 450–600
Maximum range (m) 3,725 6,764
Effective Range (for area targets, m) 800 (bipod mounted) 1,100 (tripod mounted) 1,830 (tripod mounted)
Effective Range (for point targets, m) 600 (bipod mounted) 800 (tripod mounted) 1,500 (tripod mounted)

For further information, please visit  http://www.sarsilmaz.com/en/

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