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Sarsılmaz’s Machine Guns Strengthens Land, Naval, and Air Forces

by Can Kılınç

Machine guns continue to be one of the primary arms of the infantry while being used in various mounts, remote-controlled weapon stations and gun pods on land, sea, and air platforms. Sarsılmaz presented an extensive product range consisting of various versions of SAR 127 MT and SAR 762 MT. Some of these models are already in service, and they rise to the challenge offered by all three branches of armed forces.

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 127 MT within the 12.7 mm Machine Gun Preparation of Design Data Packet and Production Project the company signed with Defence Industry Agency (SSB) in April 2019 and SAR 762 MT within the PMT 7.62×51 project it signed with again SSB in 2018. These projects have led to creation of product families that will provide for machine gun needs of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) first and allied and friendly countries next.

SAR 127 MT

Türkiye’s First National Heavy Machine Gun: SAR 127 MT

Sarsılmaz responds to the need for high firepower with its SAR 127 MT heavy machine gun chambering the venerable 12.7×99 mm round. Sarsılmaz redesigned the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, to be used in all land platforms, through advanced engineering and optimisation methods, lightening its weight, and increasing its fire rate. Sarsılmaz also accomplished being the only company to undertake SSB’s project that included the development of air and sea-based versions of the firearm.

SAR 127 MT provides effective firepower to units in the battlefield, able to fire both in semi-automatic and automatic modes. The weapon has an omnidirectional belt feed system, able to feed from both right and left, and as such it can easily adapt to field conditions or various remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). The machine gun can also be mounted on vehicles with some interfacing effort. SAR 127 MT weighs 38 kg, has an effective range against zone targets of 1,830 metres, while its maximum range is around 6,700 metres. The machine gun is air-cooled with quick change barrel (QCB) feature. Thus, in situations where the weapon needs to be fired continuously, such as in battles requiring intense suppressive fire, the machine gunner can quickly and safely replace the heated barrel with a spare one, giving its user the ability to continue fighting without any serious downtime.

Sarsılmaz officials highlight the fact that SAR 127 MT can penetrate a vehicle’s engine block from 1,800 metres, provided it is using steel core ammunition.

Experience from the Past Shaped the Firearm

Sarsılmaz started examining similar machine guns after signing the contract with SSB. The company verified its designs with simulation efforts right after the design process was completed. Sarsılmaz had to do new investments as this calibre was a first for the company, and it renewed its machinery and production lines with these investments. The company then producing prototypes, exhibiting them in IDEF ’19.

SAR 127 MT AIR will be used on HÜRKUŞ-C mounted under the aircraft’s wings in gun pods. The picture depicts HÜRKUŞ Air-Ground Integration Aircraft during TEKNOFEST 2021.

SAR 127 MT AIR: Covering the Six of Air Platforms

If a system is to be used in air platforms, it is crucial for that system is as lightweight as possible, as the platform will have weight constraints of its own. In addition to being lightweight, a high rate of fire is also a prized feature for machine guns in air platforms, as engagement window is rather short for them, though that window is obviously affected by velocities involved. As such, the air platform should be able to fire as many rounds as possible downrange to achieve effective fire on its target.

SAR 127 MT AIR was designed with these criteria in mind, weighing 33 kg and firing 900-1,250 rounds per minute. Compared to SAR 127 MT, the weapon is 5.1 kg lighter with almost twice the fire rate, and as such, an ideal machine gun for air platforms.

Sarsılmaz developed SAR 127 MT AIR heavy machine gun for the high firepower needs of air platforms, with its high rate of fire and lightened design.

A Multipurpose Firearm, on Land, at Sea and in the Air…

SAR 127 MT will strengthen TAF not only with its base version, but also with its naval version with increased corrosion resistance and increased ballistic effectiveness, and airborne version that will be integrated under the wings of Turkish Aerospace’s HÜRKUŞ-C aircraft and helicopters within a gun pod. Sarsılmaz is on the verge of the first delivery of this firearm.

Table 1. Technical Specifications of SAR 127 MT and SAR 127 MT AIR

Specifications SAR 127 MT AIR SAR 127 MT
Calibre 12.7×99 mm NATO
Operating System Short Recoil
Firing Modes Full Auto Full Auto
Feed Type Belt-fed
Belt Type M9 Belt
Feed Direction Omnidirectional
Empty Case Discharge Bottom
Barrel Forged Steel Alloy Forged Steel Alloy with Quick Change Barrel (QCB)
Twist Rate 1/15”
Type and Number of Rifling 8, Twisted to the Right
Barrel Length 915 mm 1,143 mm
Total Length 1,610 mm 1,655 mm
Height 160 mm 247 mm
Width 154 mm 198 mm
Weapon Weight 33,000 g 38,100 g
Barrel Weight 6,000 g 11,800 g
Muzzle Velocity 890 m/s 890 m/s
Rate of fire 900-1,250 Rounds per Minute 450-600 Rounds per Minute
Maximum range (m) 1,800 m
Effective Range (area targets, m) 1,500 m
Effective range (point target, m) Matte Black
Coating Cleaning Kit and Manual
SAR 762 MT

SAR 762 MT: For All Use Cases for Infantry and Military Vehicles

Sarsılmaz aims to meet the needs of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Command of Gendarmerie (GCG), and Turkish National Police (TNP) with SAR 762 MT, and it finished all the relevant tests for it. Sarsılmaz started mass production of SAR 762 MT as well, delivering the first ones to GCG.

SAR 762 MT-C was designed to be used in the ALTAY tank, as its co-axial machine gun.

Co-axial Gun for ALTAY Tank

SAR 762 MT has 4 different models. Of these, SAR 762 MT-A can be used in remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS). SAR 762 MT-B model was developed for infantry use and can be fired from both a bipod and a tripod. SAR 762 MT-C is aimed to be used in ALTAY main battle tank as a co-axial machine gun. Having very similar features to the SAR 762 MT-B, the SAR 762 MT-D’s rate of fire can be changed thanks to its 3-position gas valve.

The body of all SAR 762 MT’s models are durable for at least 50,000 rounds. And all the models have barrel-life of at least 25,000 rounds, and all models can operate between -52 and +72˚C. The machine gun has an effective range of 1,200 meters for area targets, and a maximum range of 3,725 meters. The average weight of the gun’s different models is 12 kg.

SAR 762 MT-B was designed for infantry use. SAR 762 MT-D has very similar features to the B version, but with a 3-position gas valve to change its rate of fire.

Non-stop Fire with Quick Change Barrel (QCB)

SAR 762 MT is a belt-fed, fully automatic weapon. It can be easily adapted to a RCWS or its firing position. The machine gun is also air-cooled and comes with a quick change barrel feature as well.

SAR 762 MT-A was developed for remote-controlled weapon systems.

Table 2. Technical Specifications of SAR 762 MT Versions

Specifications SAR 762 MT-A SAR 762 MT-B SAR 762 MT-C SAR 762 MT-D
Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm NATO
Operating system Open mechanism / gas piston
Firing mode Safe, Full Auto
Feed type Belt-fed
Belt Type M13 Belt
Feed Direction Left
Empty Case Discharge Bottom
Barrel Forged Steel Alloy with Quick Change Barrel (QCB)
Twist Rate 1/12”
Type and Number of Rifling 4, Twisted to the Right
Barrel Length 670 mm 603 mm 670 mm 603 mm
Total Length 1,085 mm 1,235 mm 1,120 mm 1,235 mm
Height 160 mm
Width 180 mm 180 mm
Weapon Weight w/o Accessories 10,800 g 10,950 g 11,900 g 10,950 g
Rate of fire 550-950 Rounds per Minute 550-750 Rounds per Minute 550-750 Rounds per Minute 550-750 Rounds per Minute
Gas Valve 3 Position 1 Position 3 Position 3 Position
Barrel Weight 2,800 g
Muzzle Velocity 850 m/s.
Effective Range (zone targets, m) 1,200 m
Effective range (point target, m) 800 m
Coating Matte Black

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