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Sarsılmaz’s Precision Engineering in Physical Form: SAR 56 Assault Rifle and SAR 9C Pistol

by Can Kılınç

Sarsılmaz continues to deliver weapons that offer solutions for all the needs the end-user could need with its R&D capabilities. The company, with around 150 years of history, designs weapons that does not yield under even the toughest of conditions through combining its engineering capabilities and its experience. Sarsılmaz has been putting the limelight on its SAR 56 assault rifle and SAR 9C pistol recently, with the former being a platform that combines reliability with comfort, while the latter being a pistol in compact class for those wish to carry their weapon concealed.

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SAR 9C is often chosen by the users who wish to carry their weapon concealed.

SAR 56: Combining Reliability and Comfort

SAR 56 was developed with the needs of the personnel, especially those serving in tough conditions in mind, and comes equipped with various ergonomic features including a 5-position cheek rest buttstock, a long, detachable handguard, and an ergonomically angled forward grip. The weapon is also using a short-stroke gas piston system as it requires high reliability in tough environmental conditions. This feature gives the rifle a controllable recoil even in full-automatic fire along with low maintenance requirements.

When it comes to assault rifles, Sarsılmaz is operating in many fields. As the company continues with the production of its indigenous product, the SAR 223 assault rifle, it is also involved in the mass production of Turkey’s indigenous assault rifle – the MPT-76.

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Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz

User Friendly and Comfortable

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 56 by blending the experience it has gained in assault rifles with feedback received from users in the field, and this has led to the creation of a highly user-friendly and ergonomic weapon.

The outstanding ergonomic features of the SAR 56 are as follows:

  • 5-position cheek rest buttstock
  • Long and detachable handguard
  • Ergonomically angled forward grip
  • Trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged at any time
  • Double-sided latch group suitable for tactical use
  • Polymer ejection port dust cover
  • Ergonomic strap link ring
  • Magazine with indicator
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Some ergonomic features of SAR 56, designed to be user friendly, are its comfortable and supporting handgrip, its trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged at any time, double-sided latch group suitable for tactical uses, polymer ejection port dust cover, and its magazine with indicator built in.

Reliable Operation with Low Maintenance Requirements

Another important feature of SAR 56 is its operating principle, a short-stroke gas piston system. In short, the gas expelled from the cartridge in the barrel operates a piston along the length of the weapon to carry some of the force to the bolt carrier. The piston transfers the energy created by firing the weapon within a relatively short distance. In addition, as the gas only operates the piston, the combustion gases does not seep into the internals of the weapon. This leads to a relatively clean weapon even after heavy use, and as such, the weapon is less prone to jams and gives its user an easier time with maintenance.

Another advantage of the mechanism is with a shorter recoil of the piston, the momentum change within the weapon itself stays low as the parts move back and forth to drive the bolt carrier. A longer piston stroke leads to a heavier recoil, since a heavy mass travels a long distance along the weapon. SAR 56, with its short-stroke operation, presents itself as a balanced weapon, and its users can easily control the recoil when they are firing in full auto.

Various Barrel Lengths for Various Missions

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SAR 56 has versions with varying barrel lengths, giving effective fire capabilities in various ranges to its users.

Another important feature of the SAR 56 is the three different barrel length options of 7.5 inches, 11 inches and 14.5 inches, making the SAR 56 stand out as the ideal solution for missions requiring varying ranges.

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SAR 56 was designed to utilise a short-stroke gas piston system to offer high reliability in tough environmental conditions.

Solutions That Focus on User’s Needs

Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz commented the following regarding SAR 56 and their other assault rifle projects: “As Turkey’s weapons producer, we have overcome many difficulties so far. One of them was the development of Turkey’s national assault rifle. We developed our SAR 223, chambered for 5.56×45 mm, in this regard, with our collaboration with TÜBİTAK, Kocaeli University and Middle East Technical University. We then designed a gas piston version of SAR 223, SAR 223P and introduced it to the market. We were a part of the production of our national rifle chambered for 7.62×51 mm, MPT-76, and we developed SAR 308, chambered for 7.62x39mm, for our national security forces. We delivered plenty of all these models to end-users both domestic and foreign, and we continue to deliver as well. We added the feedback from end-users to our experience in assault rifles and we launched SAR 56, with its completely indigenous design. As such, we made an effective weapon that almost becomes a part of the user with its ergonomic design rather than just a piece of burden in long missions.”

SAR 9C: Compact but Accessory Compatible

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SAR 9C has a 15-round magazine.

SAR 9C is a pistol that can be easily concealed carried with its small size. With this feature alone, it is an ideal pistol for secret missions executed by security and armed forces. In addition, it can also be chosen as a back-up pistol by personnel who already carry a full-sized pistol as their main weapon. The pistol has a great potential in markets like the American market, where civilians use pistols commonly and where the pistols are concealed carried for this reason.

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A defining feature of SAR 9C is its standard picatinny rail under the barrel even though the pistol is in the compact class.

SAR 9C, like its namesake SAR 9, is 37 mm wide. However, as the pistol is designed to be in compact class, it has a shorter grip and barrel, and is lighter as well. The pistol has a capacity of 15 rounds; however, it does not have a safety catch. On the other hand, its slide catch can be dropped easier compared to the base model.

One of the most important features of the pistol is its standard picatinny rail under the barrel even though the pistol is in the compact class. As such, tactical flashlights and other accessories with standard interfaces can be easily attached to the pistol.

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SAR 9C has two colour options: “Stainless Matte” and “Black”.

Tailor Made for Special Missions

Mr. Aliş explained the design philosophy behind SAR 9C as follows: “As Sarsılmaz, we have been a company that brings innovation to the table. From the first day we launched SAR 9, we manufactured more than 500,000 of them and perhaps, these were fired millions of times. As we continued producing this model, we also thought about how to meet various needs of our customers. We have observed our security forces need special pistols to help with executing secret and undercover missions. Sometimes, our security forces need to wear civilian clothes and concealed carry a pistol in these kinds of missions, and sometimes they require tactical accessories, and sometimes having a hidden pistol is simply the most important trump card. We developed SAR 9C with these two mission profiles in mind. The pistols can be easily carried concealed under normal clothes while providing effective firepower to the user when needed. In addition, we designed a new pistol, SAR 9 CX, based on this model. This new model will be launched in April, with plenty of features including a 15-round magazine, and ability to mount flashlights or optical sights without the need of modifications. The weapon will be sold in three different colours, being black, platinum, and stainless matte, and offers high performance in rapid shooting with its cooling cuts on its slide. As such, the new weapon is suitable for both professional and private use.”

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