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SaSaD and OSSA Discuss Strategic Partnership for ICDDA

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

Dr. Ruşen Kömürcü, Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SaSaD) Secretary General, paid a visit to OSTİM. During his visit, Dr. Kömürcü held talks with Orhan Aydın, President of the Executive Board of OSTİM and Dr. Uğur Aydın, Project Manager and Coordinator of OSTİM Defence and Aerospace Cluster (OSSA). The development was announced through OSTİM’s social media accounts on July 7.

The parties exchanged ideas on SaSaD becoming a strategic partner for the Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aviation (ICDDA), which will be held for the 5th time on 12-14 October with the support of the Presidency of Defence Industry Agency (SSB) and the organization of OSSA. Aydin gave information to Dr. Kömürcü about other clusters in OSTİM as well as OSSA.

OSSA is among the member clusters of SaSaD.

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