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SECANT takes the Comfort it Offers to its Business Partners to the International Arena

by MSI

As the complexity of systems and projects increases, end users and prime contractors begin looking for firms with competencies they can trust. Specialised in survivability, platform development and advanced composites, SECANT has repeatedly demonstrated its competencies in the projects it has been involved. The company offers considerable peace of mind to end users and prime contractors by handling all aspects of the challenging projects that are not undertaken by other parties, and is now ready to serve international users.

With its advanced engineering, design and production capabilities, SECANT offers turn-key solutions for projects within its field of expertise. To date, the company has completed numerous projects for land, marine and air platforms.

In the field of land platforms, SECANT has successfully carried the works it has undertaken in various armoured vehicle projects to the production line. The company differs from its competitors in the international market with its combined expertise and experience in the fields of survivability, platform development and advanced composites. Providing services for armoured vehicle projects in various countries, including Turkey, SECANT is seeking to expand its customer portfolio.

The company’s engineering and design capabilities allow it to offer seamless design and production experience to the companies with which it cooperates. The company prefers to work with its users in a business model that covers all phases of the project, from the requirement analysis stage to the qualified production stage. In cases where such a model is not applied, SECANT goes beyond user demands, considering every demand as a separate project that starts at the requirements stage. In this process, SECANT brings to the table its engineering capabilities and experience in survival systems, and also intervenes in vehicle design when necessary. It can even design complete armoured platforms for its customers upon request.

Challenging Problems Overcome

SECANT’s young and determined team takes a keen interest in overcoming the challenges posed by difficult problems, and so when SECANT meets a new user, its first request is to be given the opportunity to solve the user’s most difficult problems.  A prominent example of this approach can be seen in MPG’s M4K 8X8 Multi-Purpose Armoured Recovery Vehicle – a project in which SECANT took on a significant design task.

In this project, which was launched with a very tight schedule to meet urgent needs, SECANT designed the vehicle cabin from scratch, equipping it with the highest level of ballistic and mine protection. Within the scope of the project, despite almost all the solutions available on the market at this level are composite-based, an indigenous ballistic protection solution was used developed by SECANT. On the other hand, the solution offered by SECANT, while in the same weight level as its counterparts, offers four times the performance, and is completely metallic. In this way, many of the troubles and uncertainties arising from the use of composite solutions in the field that cause inconveniences to the users were eliminated. Then, the requirement for the spall liner for the vehicle was met with local-sourced materials, developed as a result of related R&D studies, in line with the principle established at the project outset to use only indigenous and national solutions. Many indigenously developed sub-components, such as the single-point-controlled mine locking system and universal gun holder were used for the first time in this project.

SECANT also undertook the design of the engine compartment for BMC’s KİRPİ-II MRAP Vehicle, and solved the problems that arose during this project in a similar way.

Summarising their approach, Yılmaz Erbil, Founder of SECANT, said: “We are taking part in challenging projects. Generally, the users who contact us for the first time are seeking a solution to a problem that has not been encountered before.”

SECANT also organises training programmes for its users. Unlike the other training that is provided around the world in this field, which is mostly academic, these trainings include also extensive field experience and know-how. For the international aspect of the trainings, the company cooperates with TNO. The trainings, which have been held five times so far, are attracting great attention in the international arena as well.

Success Already Achieved in the First Prototype

Another feature that distinguishes SECANT from its competitors is its willingness to stand by the prime contractors from the very outset of the design process to the moment serial production begins. The company, which is committed to this approach, is able to intervene in the design of the vehicle as a whole, or confidently utilise its experience in other processes of the project when required.

Combining advanced engineering techniques with experience, SECANT creates a digital prototype of the armour systems or platforms it develops. It then matures its designs through the analyses and simulations it performs on the digital prototypes, generally fulfilling the test requirements in the very first prototype it develops, without the need to produce a second prototype.

Erbil gave MPG’s M4K project as an example of its prototype approach: “Designers of armoured vehicles usually produce a series of prototypes and test these prototypes themselves first. Once these tests have been completed successfully, they test the vehicle together with the end user. In these tests, individual prototypes are used to detonate mines placed under the belly and under the wheels of the vehicle, and each prototype is tested separately. However, the M4K project, launched to meet an urgent need of the Turkish Land Forces, had a very tight schedule. With full confidence we had in our cabin design, to overcome the time restriction we suggested conducting all tests on a single prototype, and upon the approval of the end user and the procurement authority, we successfully completed all mine blast tests, which were performed one after the other, on a single prototype.”

Ballistic and IED Armour Solutions for Ultimate Protection

SECANT develops indigenous ballistic armour solutions for all levels of protection defined by NATO STANAG 4569 standard and detailed in the NATO AEP 55 procedure, and offers these ballistic solutions at the same weight levels as their high-performance competitors that hold predominant positions in the global market, but at much lower costs. Defining their solutions, Erbil said: “Our ballistic armour solutions stand out not only with their low weight, but also with their multi-hit capabilities, their capability to neutralise low-level threats, their ease of integration, and, most importantly, their sustainability.” When designing ballistic solutions, SECANT makes a detailed threat analysis that covers terrain and environmental conditions, threat diversity and attack scenarios. Recently, in addition to traditional ballistic protection, the company has focused also on solutions that provide hybrid protection, taking into account also asymmetric improvised explosive device (IED) threats. The ballistic solution family offered by SECANT to the market under the name SMAS consists of metallic and composite based add-on armours, spall liners and IED solutions.

Making a Difference also through Technology Transfer and Training Activities

The services offered by SECANT to its users are not limited to design and production, in that it also organises training programmes for its users, especially on survivability. Unlike the other examples of training provided around the world in this area, which are predominantly academic, these trainings include also extensive field experience and know-how. For the international aspect of the trainings, SECANT cooperates with TNO, a Netherlands-based research organisation. The company has held five trainings to date, and is attracting great attention in the international arena in this regard.

SECANT also supports its users with the necessary technology transfer that will be needed throughout the lifecycle of their vehicles and has to date completed “know-how transfer” regarding survivability to BMC, MPG and IAG.

Engineered Advanced Composites

In addition to its expertise in survivability, SECANT is also specialised in advanced composite structures. In this area, it develops solutions especially for advanced composite radar and sonar dome structures, reflectors and missile/sensitive equipment handling systems.

In the field of advanced composites, all processes, from the conceptual design to the serial production, including detailed engineering calculations and tests, are carried out with great precision by SECANT and it stands out from its competitors also in this sense.

Ready for the International Market with its Experience and Know-How

To date, SECANT has successfully completed nearly 35 projects with more than 15 national and international institutions, organisations and companies, including BMC, ASELSAN, MPG, Meteksan Defence and IAG, working on nearly 20 platforms and systems. With this experience and know-how, the company is ready to solve the most difficult problems of its international users.

For further information, please visit www.secantglobal.com

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