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SEDEC 2020 to Serve as a Meeting Platform and a Step to Overcome the COVID-19 Recession

by MSI

Supported by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI), SEDEC 2020 is preparing to become the first international Homeland Security, Border Security, Internal Security Systems event to be held in Turkey since the COVID-19 outbreak. SEDEC will be held on 15–17 September under the most stringent of health precautions, and will take the format of a dual event, as a meeting point for both national and international participants.

As in the rest of the world, the COVID-19 outbreak spurred the postponement or cancellation of many significant events in Turkey from the moment it took effect. Prioritising the health of its participants and visitors, the SEDEC organisers postponed the SEDEC Security and Defence Fair, Conference and B2B/B2G event, which was previously scheduled for 2–4 June, to 15–17 September. The rescheduled event will be held at Congresium Ankara, and will have also a digital component. SEDEC will serve as an effective and efficient platform and a good opportunity to revitalise global cooperation, and to boost the economic activities that have slowed around the globe in such fields as Homeland Security, Border Security, Internal Security, which are of critical importance for the security and economy of the country.

SEDEC 2018 served as a meeting point for many officials from the defence and aerospace sector.

Sectoral representatives, decision makers and procurement authorities who can physically attend the event will have the opportunity to come together with the participants, in accordance with and with full adherence to the circulars and rules of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, making use of a B2B/B2G platform. On the other hand, those who cannot attend the event physically will be given the chance to join the B2B/B2G meetings remotely using indigenous software, the entire database of which is in Turkey.

During the SEDEC 2018 event, over 4,200 B2B and B2G meetings were held, and to achieve similar figures in 2020, the event organisers will draft and run B2B and B2G schedules tailored specifically for each participant using the software and registration system developed fully indigenously by SEDEC. The B2B/B2G programme, which is run on domestic servers, will provide the most effective and productive outputs through its special algorithms. The use of this programme will ensure the data remains within the country, and that the legislative requirements about data security and the use of personal data are met. The special programme and the in-country servers have eliminated our foreign dependency in this field.

SEDEC 2020 will serve as a platform where institutions and organisations of all kinds, ranging from SMEs to prime contractors, can hold meetings with focus on export targets. Through the B2B/B2G schedules prepared specifically for them, interested participants will be provided with the opportunity to meet with the national and international participants with the highest business potential.

SEDEC is attended by decision makers and purchasing authorities who are keen to gain a better understanding of the offered products and systems.

Having designed SEDEC 2020 as a dual event that combines the advantages of both physical and digital events, the event organisers aim to ensure that SEDEC 2020 is a highly effective and safe event, despite the ongoing pandemic, for which they have referred to the guide published by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

MSI TDR is the Official Publication and Media Sponsor of SEDEC.

Sectoral Representatives Met at SEDEC Talks Amid the Pandemic

With the aim of continuing to serve the sector also during the COVID-19 outbreak, which has swept aside old habits, the SEDEC organisers held an online event under the name of SEDEC Talks, which was joined by speakers from five countries. The event, which was held on 18 May with the theme of “The Future of Security, Defence and Aerospace Sectors”, was attended by Murat Çizgel, Head of the Department of Industrialisation at the SSB, as well as high-level speakers from Türksat, Turkish Aerospace, SpaceX, Airbus, Leonardo and AQST, who gave important messages about the future. You can watch the online conference from the SEDEC Talks YouTube Channel.

Precautions to be taken Against COVID-19 at SEDEC 2020

The below precautions will be constantly followed for the duration of the event, in accordance with the circulars and recommendations of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.

Changes in the Event Organisation

  • Congresium Ankara, the event venue, will be arranged in accordance with all the relevant circulars and instructions to be provided by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, and by other relevant government institutions.
  • The opening ceremony and speeches will be organised in a low intensity setting, allowing social distancing to be maintained so as to protect the health of the participants.
  • The conference component of the event has been cancelled due to the difficulties in maintaining social distancing. In contrast, smaller workshops will be held to allow the participants to keep abreast of the sector, as planned.
  • The lunch and gala dinner planned to be offered to the participants have been cancelled due to social distancing concerns. The participants will be served safe meal packages, prepared by Congresium Ankara.
  • The distances between exhibitor stands have been increased.
  • A COVID-19 stand has been added to provide information on the outbreak during the event, to follow up on related measures, and to serve as an information desk.
  • In order to prevent the spread of respiratory particles that may be released into the environment when speaking, coughing and sneezing, it is obligatory for masks to be worn by all those in the event area for the duration of the event.
  • The arrivals of purchasing delegations, with which the participants will come together, as well as their access to the event areas will be performed in controlled conditions.
  • The meeting rooms in which the B2B and B2G meetings will be held will be arranged according to social distancing rules.
  • For parties that cannot physically participate at the event, the B2B and B2G meetings will be held in a virtual environment.

Social Distancing Precautions

  • The event has been adapted into a dual event to allow meetings in both physical and digital environments.
  • A Social Distance Plan has been prepared based on the widely accepted social distancing rules.
  • Barriers and floor markings will be prepared in accordance with this plan. Signs will inform the participants of social distancing rules and other COVID-19 precautions, and direction markers will be sited where necessary.
  • Stands, corridors and transition areas have been arranged to permit the required social distances.

Health and Emergency Precautions

  • All those entering the event area with undergo temperature checks using non-contact devices.
  • All participants will be provided with masks at the entrance.
  • There will be disinfection stations at the entrance and at various locations around the event area.
  • The ventilation system and ducts of Congresium Ankara will be inspected and controlled.
  • Routine disinfection and sterilization processes will be carried out frequently throughout the event area.
  • There will be a fully equipped ambulance at the entrance that will be ready to intervene in the event of a medical emergency in the event area.
  • Throughout the event, COVID-19 information experts will be on site to carry out inspections upon arrivals, to answer any relevant questions that may arise and to provide the appropriate support.
  • In order to ensure crowd control, the circulation of participants in the event area will be observed and supervised where necessary.

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