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SEDEC 2022’s Agenda: Holistic Security and Exports

by MSI

SEDEC, a prominent event with its reach and format, is preparing for a third showing this year. The event has been developing in line with recent trends and aims to offer the maximum added value to its participants as always.

Organised with the support of Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI), SEDEC will be held in Ankara ATO Congresium between 28-30 June as a fair, conference and B2B and B2G event.

SEDEC is an organisation that brings together all actors, both national and international, regarding “security” and “defence supply chain” topics that also include sub-headers like “homeland security”, “border security” and “internal security”.

SEDEC gears up for the 3rd showing after successful 2018 and 2020 organisations.

Constantly Expanding Reach

When a holistic approach is taken to meeting security demands, the public and private organisations that provide homeland, border and internal security services need various solutions to fulfil their duties completely. Software, cyber security solutions and their hardware are among these solutions, and the private sector needs said solutions as well as the public sector. SEDEC will have cyber security, data security and information security as a part of the event.  

As communications technology advances, so does the capability of satellites. Both traditional satellites and future low earth orbit satellites can be used in security sector. As such, satellites and satellite technologies will be a part of SEDEC as well.

SEDEC aims to bring together sector companies with decision makers.

A Meeting Point for All Parties

SEDEC is an effective platform that connects the offices that provide security services, such as Ministry of National Defence and its dependent force commands, Ministry of Interior and its dependent departments and commands, SSB, and National Intelligence Organisation with the producers and solution providers, along with bringing together the main contractors with various SMEs for their supply chains.

SEDEC also aims to unite purchasing committees invited from over 70 countries, foreign OEMS, first- and second-level suppliers with SMEs and main contractors of Turkish security industry and the organisations within the supply chains within the industry, as a part of previously planned bilateral business meetings. The event will introduce the capabilities and successes of Turkish security industry and its supply chains to foreign guests, and the first day of the event will host a conference on homeland security, border security, internal security, and defence industry supply chains.

The first SEDEC event was held in 2018, with participation from 39 countries, hosting 4,200 B2B and B2G meetings. The second in 2020, however, was held only online due to pandemic conditions. SEDEC 2020 saw interest from 24 countries and hosted 700 B2B and B2G meetings. SEDEC, with its successful organisations in 2018 and 2020, is held biennially. The event differentiates itself from others with its topics and format, and the third SEDEC is planned for 2022. Official invitations were sent to representatives from 52 countries, military attachés, purchasing committees from Asia, Pacific and Middle East regions, and prominent sector companies such as Frontex, Airbus Defence, Boeing Defense, MBDA, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Sikorsky, Rolls-Royce, and Tawazun and representatives from these organisations.

Companies have the chance to hold bilateral meetings in SEDEC events.

SEDEC will continue to bring together important industrialists and SMEs with B2B and B2G meetings geared towards exports and internal market needs in Ankara, where all security related public organisations are based. 

For detailed information, please contact info@sedecturkey.com and sedec@sedecturkey.com.

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