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Murat Doruk, CEO of SEDEC: “We will see more B2B meetings, more contacts, more sales delegations, and more visitors from end-users in SEDEC 2022.”

by Can Kılınç

Şebnem ASİL / s. asil@milscint.com

K. Burak CODUR / b.codur@milscint.com

SEDEC, an event that fills a niche with its focus on “security” as a concept, is preparing to hold its third edition between 28-30 June. Dr. Murat Doruk, CEO of SEDEC shared his thoughts on latest security developments, their presence at SEDEC 2022 and the innovations the event will bring this year.

MSI TDR: Could you share the latest developments on “security” as a concept as it is the focus of SEDEC, and what can visitors and participants expect from SEDEC 2022 in this context?

Dr. Murat DORUK: We see security sector leaning more on technology as it develops, both in Türkiye and across the globe. We see a feedback loop when we take a look at why: Emerging security needs are met with developing technologies, however, when the threats start to use those technologies, new security needs arise. Then we are back at the square one, new technologies are developed to meet the emerging security needs. As such, quite a few technological innovations await our visitors at SEDEC. The new innovations do also include clues on future threats.

When we compare SEDEC 2022 with the previous editions, SEDEC 2020 and SEDEC 2018, we think autonomous systems will be very prominent, as they found a niche for border security applications. Latest developments in this field will be a part of SEDEC’s agenda.

Battery technologies are also among the fields we expect to gain importance. They are linked to autonomous systems, and they are also critical to ensuring power systems in remote bases that operate for a long time. The developments for electric vehicles also contribute to the advancement of battery technologies.

Software and AI are among the driving forces of the topics we mentioned. Software is one of the musts for almost all systems, and AI applications grow in number every day. As such, cyber security is also getting more important. We think cyber security will be one of the defining themes of SEDEC 2022.

Finally, increased usage of satellite communications, especially for border security, ensured satellite technologies found their place in SEDEC 2022.

As SEDEC is a semi-open event, it is closed to people who are not sector professionals.

MSI TDR: Is SEDEC the right place to observe and follow the developments you have mentioned?

Dr. Murat DORUK: SEDEC has a holistic approach to security. Every single topic you can consider about security and their integration with each other, with a focus on “homeland security”, “border security” and “internal security”, are within SEDEC’s agenda. As such, I can gladly say yes to your question: SEDEC is the right place to observe and follow the developments I have mentioned.

MSI TDR: Bringing together the supply chain of defence and aerospace sector with security sector and utilising that supply chain for security sector is one of the goals of SEDEC. What have you achieved so far in this regard?

Dr. Murat DORUK: Both security sector and defence and aerospace sector are high tech fields, developing and utilising new technologies. As both sectors are related to technology, there is a great potential to integrate the supply chain for defence and aerospace sector to security sector along with the existing supply chain providing products and services to security sector. On the other hand, the dynamics, structure, and supply chains are different for security sector compared to defence and aerospace sector. As such, to make this potential a reality, events like SEDEC are crucial. There are events around the world like SEDEC that focus on security sector, with 30, 40 years of history. Türkiye took its first step in this regard with SEDEC 2018. We are proud to see some companies within the supply chain of defence and aerospace industry start developing solutions for security sector, and even started exports for the sector, a development which SEDEC 2018 and 2020 undoubtedly contributed.

Battery technologies are expected to be one of highlights of SEDEC 2022. ASPİLSAN Enerji, one of most prominent Turkish companies in this field, had attended SEDEC 2018.

SEDEC 2022: Most Innovative SEDEC Yet

MSI TDR: What kind of innovations will we see in SEDEC 2022, compared to 2020 and 2018?

Dr. Murat DORUK: SEDEC continues to develop in line with the needs of both procurement authorities and attending companies. As you might know, SEDEC 2020 was held online only due to pandemic conditions. As such, I think comparing SEDEC 2022 with SEDEC 2018 would be more proper.

In SEDEC 2018, B2B meetings were held on the second and third days of the event. This year, these meetings will commence on the first day, after lunch break. This year, on the second and the third days of the event we will also hold special and closed sessions for end-users on what they expect from the industry, what kind of systems they wish to procure, and so on. We received demands from the end-users for these kinds of sessions, and we focused our efforts to realise them.

I can safely say we will see more B2B meetings, more contacts, more sales delegations, and more visitors from end-users in SEDEC 2022. We will also be holding online meetings for the foreign visitors that could not make it to the event.

SEDEC organisation invited its foreign stakeholders as well. Officials from organisations like Frontex, United Nations and European Organisation for Security had attended a special session titled “Border Security and Policies” as a part of the conference held in SEDEC 2018.

MSI TDR: What are your targets with SEDEC 2022?

Dr. Murat DORUK: We expect delegations, visitors, and companies from over 50 countries, and over 200 companies in total. We predict at least 5,000 B2B meetings will be held during the event.

Participation of procurement delegations is one of the defining features of SEDEC. This year, over 15 procurement delegations are expected, and every single one of these delegations will open up new horizons for the attending companies. The companies will be able to present their existing solutions to the delegations and they will be able to guide their new developments from the feedback they gather from these delegations.

Holding SEDEC in Ankara is one of our advantages. Domestic end-users are based in Ankara, along with a significant portion of main contractors that develop security systems. As such, we expect over 1,000 visitors from end-users and main contractors, and each one of these visitors will be a potential business contact.

MSI TDR: Which end-users, decision maker organisations and institutions and delegations did you invite to the event?

Dr. Murat DORUK: We invited all Turkish end-users, including Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior, General Command of Gendarmerie, Turkish National Police and Turkish Coast Guard Command. We also invited Frontex and our other foreign stakeholders.

MSI TDR: And which main contractor companies have you invited?

Dr. Murat DORUK: We are in touch with every main contractor that provide security solutions. Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and its companies like ASELSAN, Turkish Aerospace, Roketsan, HAVELSAN, ASPİLSAN Enerji, İŞBİR and HTR are among these.

We also took steps to include stakeholders of security sector like Turkish Cyber Defence Cluster, Teknopark Ankara, and TUYAD (association of telecommunication satellite and broadcasting businesspeople in Türkiye) in SEDEC 2022.

As for foreign companies, we officially invited sector giants like Airbus Defence, Boeing Defence, MBDA, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Sikorsky, Rolls-Royce and Tawazun.

Teknopark Ankara, had made a strong showing in SEDEC 2018 with its member companies.

SEDEC to Bring Advantages in Time and Money

MSI TDR: What kind of advantages will SEDEC 2022 bring to its participating companies?

Dr. Murat DORUK: I can answer your question with just two words: time and money.

All official organisations in the security sector will have a place in SEDEC, and the event will host many sales delegations. Not to mention main contractors, both foreign and domestic. If you wished to meet with all these organisations, institutions, and delegations one by one, it would take three months at the very least. When we first organised SEDEC in 2018, we calculated the costs of one company to meet with officials from three or four foreign countries as around $140,000. SEDEC provides an added value much greater than that in three days.

SEDEC is a semi-open event. It is closed to people who are not sector professionals. You can hold a meeting every 25 minutes; it is a completely business-oriented event. As such, you can use your time very effectively in SEDEC. You can find new opportunities in both Turkish market and export market.

The advantages I have mentioned apply to end-users as well. They can easily attend SEDEC as they are based in Ankara.

All this makes SEDEC a platform where capabilities meet demands.

MSI TDR: Could you tell us about services SEDEC 2022 provides for the visitors?

Dr. Murat DORUK: The personnel working in the end-user organisations and institutions will be able to visit SEDEC without any limitations. We also allow visitors from attending companies.

Visitors will not be able to utilise special accommodations like holding bilateral talks or meeting sales delegations we provide to attending companies, but they will be able to freely visit every booth and attend conferences, and as such, they will be following the latest developments in security as conveniently as possible. The “time and money” advantages I have mentioned apply to the visitors as well. They too, need a very long time to visit all the companies outside SEDEC, one by one.

MSI TDR: Do you offer any advantages or support to SMEs and start-ups to attend SEDEC?

Dr. Murat DORUK: KOSGEB’s (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) support applications to SEDEC as well. As for start-ups, we are working to have them attend under the umbrella of various technopark organisations.

MSI TDR: Would you like to add anything?

Dr. Murat DORUK: We are excited to hold a physical event, for sure. Last event, SEDEC 2020, was held online due to pandemic conditions. We wish to see everyone who is and planning to be in the security sector in SEDEC 2022.

We would like to thank Dr. Murat Doruk, CEO at SEDEC for taking the time to answer our questions, and for providing us with such valuable information.

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