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Special Weapons for Special Forces: SAR 56 and SAR 9 SP

by Can Kılınç

Sarsılmaz continues to provide special forces the weapons needed to complete their challenging missions. The company offers quick and effective solutions to the end-user’s needs with its R&D capabilities and precision manufacturing infrastructure. Sarsılmaz’s SAR 56 assault rifle and SAR 9 SP pistol give armed and security forces, focusing on special forces, what they are looking for.

SAR 56 combines ergonomic features and reliability in one platform, and it offers different barrel length options, making the firearm ideal for close combat, long-range skirmishes, and anything in between. SAR 9 SP is a recent development in the extensive SAR 9 family, made with specific features for the requirements of the special forces.

User-Friendly, Effective, and Ergonomic: SAR 56

Sarsılmaz developed the SAR 56 by blending the experience it has gained in assault rifles with feedback from users in the field. This has led to the creation of a highly user-friendly and ergonomic weapon.

SAR 56, with a user-friendly design, has ergonomic features such as a hand grip with support, a double-sided latch group, a polymer dust cover, a magazine with an indicator and a trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged even when not set up.

The outstanding ergonomic features of the SAR 56 are as follows:

  • 5-position cheek rest buttstock
  • Long and detachable handguard
  • Ergonomically angled forward grip
  • Trigger group with a safety catch that can be engaged at any time
  • Double-sided latch group suitable for tactical use
  • Ergonomic strap link ring
  • Magazine with indicator

SAR 56 was also designed to use a short-stroke gas piston as its operating principle, considering the high reliability needed for intense missions and harsh conditions. This operating principle ensures that the firearm does not require frequent maintenance and is easily controlled in rapid firing.

In the short-stroke gas piston operating principle, the gas expelled from the cartridge in the barrel operates a piston along the weapon’s length to carry some of the force to the bolt carrier. The piston transfers the energy created by firing the gun within a relatively short distance. In addition, as the gas-only operates the piston, the combustion gases do not seep into the weapon’s internals. This leads to a relatively clean weapon even after heavy use, and as such, the gun is less prone to jams and gives its user an easier time with maintenance.

Another advantage of the mechanism is that with shorter piston recoil, the momentum change within the weapon stays low as the parts move back and forth to drive the bolt carrier. A longer piston stroke leads to heavier recoil since a heavy mass travels a long distance along the weapon. SAR 56, with its short-stroke operation, presents itself as a balanced weapon, and its users can easily control the recoil when firing in full auto.

Different versions of SAR 56 with varying barrel lengths can be used against targets at both close and far ranges.

Various Barrel Lengths for Various Missions

Another essential feature of the SAR 56 is the three different barrel length options of 7.5 inches, 11 inches and 14.5 inches, making the SAR 56 stand out as the ideal solution for missions requiring varying ranges.

Table. Technical Specifications for SAR 56 assault rifle

Specifications 7.5” Barrel 11” Barrel 14.5” Barrel
Calibre 5,56×45 mm
Overall Length (stock retracted) 670 mm 810 mm 890 mm
Total Length (stock extracted) 615 mm 750 mm 815 mm
Overall Height 270 mm
Overall Width 70 mm
Barrel Length 190 mm 280 mm 369 mm
Twist Rate 1:7”
Type and Number of Rifling 6, Twisted to the Right (6RH)
Rate of fire per minute 750/950 rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity 700 ± 10 m/sec 850 ± 10 m/sec 875 ± 10 m/sec
Firing Modes Semi- and fully automatic
Safety System Safety Catch on Both Sides
Sight System Modular, Foldable, Adjustable Iron Sights
Magazine capacity (polymer magazine) 30
Dry Weight with Magazine 3,000 gr 3,310 gr 3,490 gr
Different versions of the SAR 56 with 7.5-inch (at the top), 11-inch (in the middle), and 14.5-inch (at the bottom) barrel lengths.

SAR 9 SP: Made for Special Missions

SAR 9 SP is a recent addition to the extensive SAR 9 product family, with features aimed at special forces units. In addition to the standard features of the SAR 9 family, the pistol can accept a suppressor, along with more specialised features like a raised tritium-based sight, a magwell, and a lanyard ring.

SAR 9 SP’s barrel has a suppressor interface, allowing it to mount every suppressor available in the market in standard dimensions.

In addition, the tritium-based fibre-optic raised sight makes it possible to get a more precise sight picture even while the pistol carries a suppressor and a red-dot. The tritium helps with aiming in low-light conditions as well.

SAR 9 SP model is designed and developed in line with the needs of the Turkish Special Forces Command, giving it a special place in the SAR 9 family.

The magwell ensures the user can change magazines as they track the target, and the lanyard ring ensures the pistol will not fall randomly from its holster.

The cooling cuts on the slide of the SAR 9 SP allow the barrel to cool faster, especially after consecutive shots. Furthermore, the striker set indicator on the trigger informs the shooter whether the gun is ready to shoot. Finally, the Cerakote brand special ceramic coating on the pistol prevents it from wear and tear, protecting it from elements such as temperature, humidity, and sun rays.


Table. Technical Specifications for SAR 9 SP

Calibre 9×19 mm
Barrel Length 133 mm (5,2”)
Overall Length 211 mm (8,3”)
Overall Height 152 mm (5,9 ”)
Overall Width 37 mm (1,4”)
Weight 850 gr (29,9 oz)
Trigger Action Single Action
Magazine Capacity 17
Other Features Striker set indicatorPicatinny railsSuppressor interfaceCooling channelsStriker-holding steel rear slideMagazine wellLanyard ringHeightened front and rear sights

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