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HİSAR A+ Gets Full Marks in Test Firings

by Buse Köse

As part of the inspection and acceptance activities of the Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System HİSAR A+, a firing test was conducted at the Aksaray Range on 3 May. The missile successfully hit the target aircraft in the test launch made from the Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System (Autonomous HİSAR A+), one of the subsystems of the HİSAR A+ system.

Autonomous HİSAR A+, designed on a tracked vehicle, will meet the low-altitude air defence needs of armoured and mechanized units. The system provides 360-degree protection thanks to its vertical launch capability. Since radar, electro-optical sensors, command control and fire control systems, communication systems, and missiles are all on a single vehicle, the platform can operate autonomously without the need for any other components. The platform can also be operated by a team or by upper command and control elements. Other highlights of the Autonomous HİSAR A+ are listed as follows:

  • Target detection and tracking with 3D radar
  • Capacity to carry 4 missiles
  • Ability to sequentially fire 4 missiles at 4 separate targets
  • Intermediate phase guidance control using data link
  • Terminal guidance using infrared seeker
  • Target assessment and target classification ability
  • Command and control capability in teams of 3
  • Ballistic protection

ASELSAN Making Progress as a Prime Contractor

The  project continues with ASELSAN being the prime contractor. Within the scope of the project, ASELSAN also developed components such as an electro-optical sensor group consisting of radar, thermal and day vision camera and laser rangefinder, as well as a identification friend or foe (IFF) system, all equipped on the platform.

Autonomous HİSAR A+ is designed on FNSS’s ACV-AD 

The autonomous HİSAR A+ system is based on the ACV-AD vehicl developed by FNSS. All components of the system are located on this vehicle. ACV-AD features ballistic protection and mine protection. In addition, the amphibious version of the ACV-AD is also used in the Self-Propelled Low Altitude Air Defence Gun Systems Project, also known as KORKUT.

Missiles Bear Roketsan’s Signature

HİSAR A+ missiles have been developed by Roketsan. There is no detailed information shared with the public about the missiles, although Roketsan’s official website contains information about the HİSAR A missiles, which are the predecessors of these missiles. HİSAR A missiles, which have an intercepting range of 15 km, have a dual-stage solid-fuel rocket engine and a thrust vector control system.

Missile Launch Systems operating in coordination with the Fire Control Equipment were used during the previous tests of HİSAR A+, which were announced on 9 March. Upon successfully completing these tests, the systems in question entered the inventory.

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