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Standart Test’s Semi-Reflective Chamber for EMI/EMC RF Testing to Begin Offering Services in 2020

by MSI

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After being established in 2017 within the same group as Nero Industry with the goal of carrying out objective testing activities for the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, Standart Kontrol veTest Hizmetleri (Standart Test) continues its investments at full pace. The company, which has invested in a broad range of vital test infrastructure to the tune of ₺12 million and has started offering its test services to the sector, is currently working to complete the installation and begin operation of its EMI/EMC RF test chamber by mid 2020.


Sand and Dust Test Chamber

Sand and Dust Test Chamber


In this 26-metre-long, 15-metre-wide and 9-metre-high chamber, Standart Test will be able to provide EMI/EMC testing services for systems weighing up to 30 tons, in accordance with the MIL-STD 461F/G standard. The chamber’s 6-metre-wide and 6-metre-high door will allow for the testing of any platform, ranging from tactical wheeled vehicles to missile systems. The chamber will be able to generate an RF voltage of 200 V/m within the scope of radio frequency measurements of up to 40 GHz and Radiated Immunity tests. The chamber makes it possible to carry out and provide reports on the tests required for CE Certification in accordance with IEC and EN standards, as well as the EMI/EMC tests required for electronic devices, civil vehicles and buses within the scope of ECE R10.

Resim1EngFurthermore, if requested by the client for R&D purposes, EMI/EMC tests can be carried out in the chamber with different parameters to those specified in the globally accepted test standards. Standart Test will lease the chamber on daily, weekly or monthly basis, and will also provide operator support to its customers.

Having completed the foundation works of the base on which the chamber will be installed, Standart Test has now ordered the necessary test equipment. With the completion of the installation process, the chamber will be one of only three chambers of this size in Turkey to be accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK).

With its 6×6 metre RF Test Chamber, Standart Test has already started to provide CS 101, CS 114, CS 115, CS 116 and CE 102 conductivity tests in accordance with MIL-STD 461F/G, and numerous devices have been tested to date.


EMI/EMC Test Chamber

EMI/EMC Test Chamber


Test Infrastructures for Tactical Missile Systems

Standart Test has completed a significant proportion of its environmental test infrastructure investments, and is now in the position to provide services to the sector. With these investments, the Turkish defence and aerospace sector has acquired the necessary infrastructure for the solar radiation tests required by the MIL-STD 810G standard on military platforms of similar size to tactical wheeled armoured vehicles.

At the outset, the company established Turkey’s largest testing chamber with the highest heating and cooling capacity, to be used for the performing of tests according to MIL-STD 810G. The chamber can accommodate a military vehicle measuring 21.5 metres in length, 4.9 metres in width and 4 metres in height, and offers a cooling and heating capacity of 180 kW/hour and 200 kW/hour, respectively.

Standart Test also carries out rain and humidity tests and salt fog tests with its own resources. At the facility, the tests required by the MIL-STD 1275D standard are also conducted.



The company has adopted an innovative approach that allows for the bringing of the testing capability to the customers’ doorstep. The company has designed and built a one-cubic metre portable environmental test chamber that can be lifted by a crane or forklift and loaded onto a vehicle. The unit can thus provide both stationary and portable testing services.

Shock vibration tests can also be carried out in accordance with MIL-STD 810G. Currently, the company is able to test systems weighing up to 1.5 tonnes with the application of forces up to 200 kN. In the coming months, with the completion of the current investments of Standart Test, the company will be able to test systems weighing up to 5 tons and to apply forces of up to 300 kN.

Possessing Turkey’s largest testing infrastructure in terms of volume and capacity, Standart Test’s facilities will facilitate the conducting of various tests that could not previously be executed in Turkey, thus relieving the sector of its foreign dependency in this regard.

With its highly automated testing infrastructure, Standart Test aims to respond rapidly to the testing requests of clients, thus alleviating the long waiting periods for testing that were a common complaint within the sector.

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